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High Phenolic EVOOs Go Global

Athan Gadanidis
Beyond Organic, Beyond Extra Virgin
4 min readMay 10, 2017


There was no high phenolic EVOO on the market just 4 years ago. It was a little known and savoured treat reserved for the very few and knowledgeable. Today it is on everyone’s lips and is being successfully marketed and researched by the people that were the first to honor the olive tree and make it the epicenter of their civilization. Now more than 3,000 years later it is happening again thanks to the EU 432/2012 health claim labelling regulation for polyphenols.

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Something extraordinary is happening in Greece and Cyprus these days. I have been witnessing this “extraordinary” phenomenon for 4 years and now it‘s growth is accelerating. This is not a fad or a new fashion it is a real and very deep revival of the very best our ancient ancestors had to offer.

Dr. Prokopios Magiatis Introduces ARISTOIL

We gathered at the Univ. of Cyprus to introduce the ARISTOIL Interreg MED programme. The main objective of ARISTOIL is the reinforcement of Mediterranean olive oil sector competitiveness through development and application of innovative production and quality control methodologies leading to olive oil with enhanced health protecting properties (as recognized by EU 432/2012 regulation).

We also gathered to celebrate the Aristoleo Award 2017 winning high phenolic EVOOs and to honour the work of Nicolas and Maria Netien who have shown the world there maybe a better way to make the best medicine than in the laboratory; by growing it using agroecology principles.

The Atsas Organic Farm tour

Nicolas leading a field trip to the Atsas Organic Farm

At the Aristoleo Awards 2017 we had a special presentation of the double gold award for overall high phenolic organic EVOO made to Nicolas and Maria Netien and the owner of Atsas Organic Farm George David for achieving the highest phenolic content ever in olive oil. HRH Princess Basma Bint Ali sent a video because she could not attend congratulating them not only on the achievement but more importantly that they achieved it by employing agroecology principles. These principles are the key to healing the planet

HRH Princess Basma, Jordan, founder of the Royal Botanical Gardens gives the Double Gold award for the highest phenolic EVOO ever recorded to Atsas Organic Farm in Cyprus.
Nicolas Netien receiving the Double GOLD award for the Atsas Orgnanic high pehnolic EVOO via video from for HRH Princess Basma Bint Ali of Jordan
Sotiris Limniotis with Double gold for high phenolic koroneiki variety EVOO
George Kailas Κ & K Garden of Olives GOLD award winning Cypriot organic EVOO
Vivie Marcomichelaki of Volvi Estate wild olive farm accepting the honourary gold Aristoleo award. Certified organic and the largestwild olive estate in Greece and perhaps the world!
The Kamnaki - Titaki family from Crete acepting the Aristoleo Award ELIAMA DAILY VALUE GOLD high phenolic EVOO Tasted Tested & True
Eleni Zotou takes home the Honourary Gold for Wilde Athos by Golden Tree
Antonis Karantonis accepts an armful of awards on behalf of Strakka Ltd from Dr. Prokopios Magiatis
Dr. Eleni Melliou receiving gold award for highest phenolic Organic Olives on behalf of Sakellaropoulos Organic Olive estate
Demetra Sofroniou accepts on behalf of Cretanthos Early Harvest EVOO “TASTED, TESTED AND TRUE” Aristoleo Award
OLEO wins HONORARY GOLD for high phenolic EVOO
Spyros & George Dafnis Honourary Gold for The Governor from Corfu
Honourary GOLD Aristoleo Award for the ELAEON BIO GREEN OLIVE OIL organic Lianolia variety from Preveza
Aristoleo Tasted Tested & True Award for Cyprus LImni Resorts & Golfcourses PLC
Aristoleo Award Tasted Tested & True for ARTEMIOU KOSTAKIS, ATHIENOU CYPRUS
Darro & Olivia the heart and soul of Berkeley Olive Grove in Northern California Honourary Gold for the Mission Variety Organic
THETA by Dimitri Therianos Zakynthos Greece

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