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Regaining Perspective, Clarity and Closure During a Pandemic

If you wholeheartedly told me to pursue my life-long aspiration of writing and publishing a book, I would have reaffirmed your advice with my impeccable intentions to share my story with others in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, if you informed me that I would be writing a book, my very first book at that, during perhaps one of the darkest and most imperative times that our world has endured to this day… I thought you would be joking.

Yet, now I firmly believe that writing my book, Beyond Life’s Moments, during the unforgettable year of 2020 was serendipity.

Seven months following my graduation from John Carroll University, I knew I was ready for a new venture that would intentionally bring me back to the classroom where my love for continuous learning & development can flourish, just at a different Jesuit University; towards the end of January of 2020, I joined a cohort of aspiring authors in a virtual book publishing program offered through Georgetown University.

Fast forward to March 12, 2020 — I completed two months of the year-long book publishing program, enjoyed a vacation to Florida, revisited Hogwarts in mid-February, and was just barely three weeks into my new Human Resources job. I caught a late T-train ride home that evening upon receiving the news that all employees were expected to start working from home the next day until further notice due to the mayor of Pittsburgh’s decision to shut down the city after two positive cases of COVID-19 surfaced. Looking out the curved windows of the fairly vacant train — I caught a prolonged glimpse of my magnificent city with the lights struggling to shimmer through the looming uncertainty that glazed the horizon. As the train made the sharp bend towards an ominous tunnel towards the rolling hills south of Pittsburgh, little did I know that this might be my last train ride for quite some time… wondering when I might be able to roam the familiar streets, sights and bridges that I called home again.

As businesses, schools and countries’ borders were shutting down and sitting in pure darkness, I happened to turn on the light.

Within the same week that myself and scores of people were forced into a stay-at-home order, I was beginning to work with my Content Editor to write the first few chapters of my book. Writing came effortlessly to me as I seized every spare moment to dive deep into and divulge the details of my personal life, and share several stories of those individuals I interviewed during the initial weeks of the nationwide lockdown. Each writing session was the equivalent to attending a much needed therapy session… to escaping our shattered reality… to finding the light in the darkness.

Gradually, as I started to share my exciting news with family and close friends while documenting my journey on a few social media platforms, my announcement began to transcend time and space. Soon I had my entire alma mater regaining their school spirit, my Human Resources team asked me to be a guest speaker during one of our global discussions, a few lost connections of mine from over the years were renewed and several new introductions were in order. It felt as if I was this gigantic magnet that was bringing people together… giving them something positive in their lives… becoming the light at the end of the tunnel.

Even before I was finished writing the first solid draft of Beyond Life’s Moments, I was already inspiring numerous of familiar faces and complete strangers with the types of stories, insights, and lessons that were conveyed in the very fibers of my book’s pages. It took some time to acquire a clear realization to comprehend how this was possible, especially even the fact that the only pair of eyes that have seen the contents of my book were myself and my three editors. Yet, with each chapter I revisited, edited, and read — the answers became illuminated to me as I acquired a new perspective on being a first time author.

There is no denying that 2020 threw the entire world a massive, unexpected curve-ball, yet no matter what life brings our way, what mountains we must climb or valleys we must traverse, we still have time that is given to us that we must decide how to use to truly live a meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful life.

I always knew I wanted to write a book about my life’s sudden plot twists that I endured over the past twenty-four years, to share inspiring stories of others who prevailed their own, yet similar, battles and to provide context on the lessons and mindset that myself and my heroes embodied to hurdle their setbacks and discover their beyond. By staying committed to my writing passion, the year 2020 made writing my debut novel more rewarding because despite all the negativity, darkness and devastation that plagued our world, I still managed to find an opportunity to do something meaningful to put some hope, love and light into this world when all the rest went out.

What truly took me by surprise was recognizing just how many people need to read my book, hear these stories and embrace these lessons in their every-day lives. The precious contents in Beyond Life’s Moments were not just meant for the world’s bookshelf, the avid bookworms, library dwellers or the aspiring minds…

It was also meant for me.

I truly NEEDED to write this book…

For me.

The book has evolved into a physical representation of all the tremendous growth that has happened to me over the years leading up to this very moment — the building blocks, the relentless perseverance, the ignited passions, the relationships and the heart. It took eight years of writing down recurring thoughts, lingering emotions, gaining insights — across a span of journals, Word Documents, old school notebooks and in the margins of some of my favorite reads to both appreciate and love every moment that I call my life. As I compiled all those years and moments into one collective, unified work, it was as if the pressure, pain, grief, and suffering I carried within me had vanished into thin air.

Obstacles and challenges are inevitable parts of our lives, however we were meant to and born to prevail our circumstances, live our lives and behold our beyond. Writing Beyond Life’s Moments was one of the keys to unlock continuous growth within my life — it allowed me to recognize that to inspire others to prevail their life circumstances, I had to become the living proof and own my story, life, and beyond. This book publishing opportunity paved the way for me to inspire others through my story, opened a door that lead to personal fulfillment and gave me a million reasons to love my life’s triumphs and trials.

With nothing obstructing my view, writing and publishing Beyond Life’s Moments has continually propelled me forward on my journey ahead where my goals, intentions, passions, and purpose are crystal-clear and awaiting in the moments to come!

Stay tuned for more articles going in depth on my book. Beyond Life’s Moments is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and where most books are sold in ebook and paperback formats! Check out it today and dive into your beyond!

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After writing and publishing a book amid the twists and turns that emerged during the year 2020, Author Nicole Spindler reflects on her book creation and publishing journey. She reveals meaningful moments and reinforces pivotal lessons from throughout her journey on going beyond!

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