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The Courage to Write With a Voice That Cannot Be Still

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Overcoming, prevailing and thriving beyond life’s unexpected moments requires resiliency, perseverance, and determination. Being resilient is about taking the next step forward when you cannot see too far ahead of you in the dense fog of negativity, depression and sorrow. Resiliency is recognizing that this moment, this current challenge that was thrown on your life’s path, might be the very thing to prepare you for the rest of your life, creating a domino effect of positivity in your future. However, resiliency is not about driving down the fast lane or choosing the first viable option that presents itself to you — it is about taking those routes that are less traveled, imprinted with too many windy turns, dead ends, potholes, or forks.

Resiliency is a remarkable capability that greets me every morning and gives me best wishes to close out each night. Whether on the lacrosse field, in the classroom while taking an exam, or tucked away in my college backpack, resiliency has given me the courage, strength, and determination to not only thrive throughout my life’s moments, but to unveil the teaching moments that are embedded in those wide-range of experiences.

Throughout most of my adolescent years and even amid my collegiate years, on several occasions, I wholeheartedly doubted any and all of my abilities… phrases like “I cannot do this,” “I will never be good enough,” and “I am terrible,” escaped my lips. Meanwhile, I had family, friends, teachers and fellow classmates say the complete opposite: “you most certainly can,” “nothing is impossible for you,” and “we 100% believe in your abilities.”

Over time (with persistent patience and practice), I was able to control that judgmental voice in my head that would make constant negative assumptions, predict the worst, and presume that I cannot do something. The condescending voices remained muffled until only a few short weeks remained from the time I had to submit my draft manuscript to my publisher, New Degree Press, to be reviewed by an Acquiring Editor and approved to move forward to the publishing stage. Alongside this voice came a shocking statistic that echoed in my head on repeat:

Barely two percent of all authors that start the book writing process succeed at publishing.

Two percent.

Writing a book is one mighty goal in life to aspire towards.

Writing a book at the age of twenty-four, a year right out of college with a Bachelor’s Degree, is quite rare.

Yet, writing a book about incredibly raw, vulnerable and sensitive life moments from never-been-told stories that reveal pivotal, novel themes during the defining year of 2020… now that’s an ultra-rare opportunity that might only happen once every billion years.

Writing and publishing a book wasn’t the “average” thing most people did, even in my generation. Passionately sharing one’s defining life moments and about these particular themes is not what the typical twenty-four year old engages in.

That did not stop me from turning my dream into reality.

How I felt getting ready to submit my book manuscript to be reviewed by my publisher for the first time must have been how John Glenn felt as he became the first American man to orbit the Earth and enter space’s gravitational atmosphere or when Kamala Harris found out that she was selected to be on the winning ballot with Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential Election.

I was walking on a path in my life’s journey that was hardly traveled on. There was a dense fog ahead on my path, however a blinding light was trying to break through to reach me.

I was going to be one of the many firsts. Eventually, I figured out that I already am one… I became a first.

While working on Beyond Life’s Moments, I was actively doing something that I was excited and passionate about, enabling me to go beyond the boundaries of what is possible to pursue my passions and dreams that tug at my heartstrings… to allow the voice in my head that would not be still to communicate with the world and divulge my untold thoughts, feelings and intentions onto the blank pages of a book.

It was a voice that no one else heard but me. Not even my immediate family or best friends since second grade heard this internal voice of mine before. These stories and emotions that I kept under lock and key for too many years would now be on full display like a work of art at a museum. They were collections after collections of moments in my life that continually fuel my drive to write, my enthusiasm for Human Resources and my loving relationships and connections.

Resiliency became a game-changer when I decided to write Beyond Life’s Moments in the beginning of 2020. In a world filled with darkness, uncertainty, and stress, I mustered up my courage and strength to emerge into the beyond and the light. I chose to pursue a meaningful project while others assumed the earth stopped spinning, time stood still, and all was a lost cause once the businesses, schools and countries closed its doors.

Embracing resiliency throughout one of the most positive experiences of my life to this today was a remarkable choice I made. Having resiliency to continue to pursue my dream of becoming an author enabled me to write down each exquisite detail of my life’s moments, be proud of all those moments and remember that by sharing my story, I can inspire others through my book to prevail their circumstances and love their story.

Stay tuned for more articles going in depth on my book. Beyond Life’s Moments is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and where most books are sold in ebook and paperback formats! Check out it today and dive into your beyond!

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