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Undeniable Growth

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The ways that I have grown, learned and developed over the years never fails to amaze me. It is perhaps one of the many qualities that I admire about myself.

True growth requires you to step out of your comfort zone, to get creative, adventurous and innovative, and requires you to move forward in your life. You cannot rush or force your growth -it happens seamlessly as you go about life’s moments and it brings endless surprises in your direction.

Continuous growth… finding infinite ways, moments and opportunities to evolve closer and closer to your genuine self and your passions, purpose(s), and overall life satisfaction is where the magic happens.

With continuous growth, my aim holds true on my life’s journey toward my beyond — I won’t be able to miss it.

Because of continuous growth, I am not only content with my life but have reaffirmed my aspirations in life.

I had an astronomical amount of growing up when I found out my dad was diagnosed with ol factor neuroblastoma. In one fell swoop, at age fifteen, it was as if reality pulled the carpet right under my feet resulting in me falling face first on the floor. Although frustrating and aggravated at first, I found that “growing up” was essential for me to uphold the positive mindset I had throughout my dad’s diagnosis, recovery and later in life. Expediting my growth opened my heart to discover the eight building blocks that served as supporting stepping stones on my journey forward beyond these challenging chapters.

Those stepping stones continued to lead me onward during my collegiate years, leveraging my career as a Human Resources professional, and becoming permanently stained within the confines of my book and in my heart. Because of continuous growth, the building blocks have become more than a tool, a supporting ledge or a practice to reinforce — they are the keys that unlocked my beyond.

Over the years, I have learned to acknowledge my growth in the present moment as it is happening. We tend to not recognize that various moments in our life are growing opportunities when they are happening. Growth is so underappreciated and we all take it for granted. Sure, we grow biologically and physically as humans but we don’t seem to notice the countless scores of ways we can grow that make ourselves and our journeys our own.

I remember as a younger child in school when I struggled with a particular subject, on the playground when I got into an argument with another student, or at home when I was asked multiple times to finish a chore, the adults always asked, “so, what did we learn today?” An association is made that in order to grow and learn we have to “do something incorrectly, make mistakes and break the rules.” Not once did anyone in my life after I scored a game-winning goal at a lacrosse game, after receiving the top grade in a class, or after going out of my life to help out a friend or neighbor ask me if I learned anything from that moment

Did people in my life assume that just because I did great at something doesn’t mean there isn’t a learning opportunity in that moment?? Perhaps the game-winning goal taught me that I can score better when I fake out the goal first than shoot? Did I learn that English and History are my stronger subjects than Statistics or Calculus? Did I recognize how helping out people in life not only improved my relationships with them but also my overall life satisfaction?


No matter what — a mistake and success, a challenge and celebration or a flaw or strength — we can learn throughout all of life’s moments!! Yes, learning from mistakes, flaws, and challenges can shape you into a better person, friend, student and professional; however, growing from your successes, celebrations and accomplishments allows you to learn what makes you happy, what interests do you have, and what goals you want to achieve.

When I embarked on this book writing program starting in the early weeks of 2020, I knew this would be a huge growth opportunity for me, for a lot of reasons. For a start, less than two percent of individuals actually publish a book that they start writing, so following through on a task that seems impossible was daunting and other than being graded on various papers and essays by my English professors, my writing has hardly seeing more than a dozen pairs of eyes. These fears were temporary, however this book writing program became the spark of many future opportunities that allowed me to gradually flourish into the person I am meant to be… allowing to finally tell my story wholeheartedly.

When I had to shift my ideas from writing solely a memoir to writing a blend of genres: nonfiction, memoir and a collection of journal entries… when I had my parents read the first two chapters of my book during the early draft stages about our family’s story… and when I received the feedback from my Acquiring Editor that determined whether my book was up to New Degree Press’ standards to publish… all these moments transformed me into a better writer, storyteller, individual and now author. They fertilized my skill set, qualities and strengths to allow me to bloom and flourish.

Even the timing that I completed the book writing program was impeccable. Despite a year that proved to be full of zoom calls after zoom calls and time being trapped inside, I found a moment, an opportunity and a purpose to continually grow in my life. I could go on and on about the ways this book writing program flourished my journey towards my beyond (- oh wait, I did actually, throughout the previous eight articles I have written in this article series).

The famous saying “you grow through what you go through” is undeniably true. What you learn about your self, abilities, life, etc. propels you forward to discover your beyond and the only thing that can get in the way of you growing, learning and developing is yourself.

It is truly rewarding to know at the end of each day that I have positively grown and even more thrilling to know that at the start of each day is yet another opportunity to be one step closer to becoming a wiser, stronger, and better individual than you were the day before… one step further along your journey… and infinitely closer to achieving your beyond.

Stay tuned for more articles going in depth on my book. Beyond Life’s Moments is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and where most books are sold in ebook and paperback formats! Check out it today and dive into your beyond!

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