Creative Expression, Passion or Inspiration?

Inspiration is what I feel when I see people like Elton John living their passion performing at iTunes Festival 10. A truly amazing performance.

This morning I was pondering the passion of the master musician we call Sir Elton John. Imagine, at age 69 performing at iTunes Festival 10 is crazy amazing. Not only is he living his passion, he is supporting new performers. Amazing talent, a virtuoso with amazing arrangements recognizing and promoting new performers. Yes, his voice has matured, but still has massive talent.

I remember seeing Elton John live on the Red Piano Tour in Lethbridge, Alberta a few years ago. He sat down for three hours, just Elton and the piano, one song after the other. Amazing arrangements of old and new songs that were familiar and yet new because of a new arrangement.

I was in awe. Now on iTunes listening to these unique arrangements…

What is it about observing someone live their passion that is so inspiring? It is like you can breathe in their passion and it shifts your energy. It gives new life and energy to our own ideas. It sparks a desire to create and step up into the life we’ve imagined for ourselves.

This observation revives our dreams, the ones we’ve buried or forgotten.

When I feel this inspiration I recall my own dream again, if only for a moment. The energy that moves through me that gives me that buzz, that feeling of being invigorated, alive and revived is the creative life force awakening within.

I think I am addicted to this feeling, the rush of adrenaline when I connect with when I observe a performer, speaker or friend do something amazing. I feel an awakening, not inspiration, not yet.

Inspiration is divine guidance, the deep, personal and primal stirring of creative expression rising within me. When I act upon that energy, then, I am inspired. In that moment I choose to aspire to something bigger, something more which rises within me, urging me forward. Pushing me into action.

In these moments I think I begin to advocate for myself. I give myself permission to expand, grow and express myself.

I allow this energy to flow out of me, to risk being seen, risk expressing myself. Living the raw, real and expansive side of my soul. I think this is what it feels like to be truly alive, awake and conscious.

Being present enough with myself that I allow myself to create, express that which is rising within me. This is inspired action, giving birth to an idea, the manifestation of the thing I tenderly hold near my heart.

Today, I give it life by allowing myself to write — I become a vessel of divine manifestation. The out picturing of the energy of the Divine expressing itself through me.

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