What this book will be about… The Messy Middle: Where I Get Things Done or Die

You want quick results I get that. Getting things done, getting unstuck, creating highest quality life and building a business is a journey.

Some are short journeys, others are longer and many journeys unfold over our lifetime.

It is a combination of fixing the way you approach your work as an entrepreneur. Which is about reprogramming the way your mind works. Because the way you think is what creates everything you have done and will do.

This is book is about what to do when things stop working or how to get things working and living your highest quality life.

The way we plan is broken

You will learn why the way we approach planning is upside down and what you can do to change that forever.

You will learn to get clear about what you really want before you every set another goal. How you can make one simple change that will permanently and forever change the way you approach getting things done.

This is not a book of hope. This is a book that will lead you to face your truth, figure out “What now?” and then learn to live effectively in the Messy Middle, where things get done or die, and the key is to know the difference.

Everything you did got you here and if you didn’t get the results you wanted you’d be reading a different book. This is a book focused on travelling your unique journey, the journey of…

Actually getting things done. Specifically, the ones that matter most.

This is a book of philosophy, principles and practical strategies for living in the messy middle without getting stuck or worse raking mud.

You will learn why everything stops working, breaks and becomes ineffective. You will learn why this is actually a great gift. Learn the one thing you can do to be able to adapt, pivot and change immediately. You will have the philosophies, principles and strategies to pull yourself out of the Messy Middle.

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