Your greatest teacher is not out there somewhere. It is your life. It lies within you, awaiting your recognition.

Between your in breath and out breath is self awareness.

Within self awareness lies the calm, peaceful and joyful self. This is the aware self.

The aware self is not the thinker.

The thinker is the paranoid, anxious, critical voice that natters away between our ears. It’s the bouncing off the walls crazy thinking-ness that never stops. Incessantly nagging away at your self confidence. The thinker is the part that longs to be right, gets caught up in the drama. It is more concerned with being right and making a point than it listens.

The aware self is the part of me that is always present, observing and allowing. It has nothing to prove. No axe to grind. My aware self is with me everywhere. It is undisturbed, calm and accepting. My aware self floats on the surface of tension between my perceptions and my judgements of my experiences. It is there on every breath awaiting the awareness of life itself at the end of a breath. That tender, brief moment at the top of the inward breath and just before I exhale is the aware self.

No matter how often I test to see if “it” is there, for the briefest of moments I notice it, my aware self quietly asserting “I am here, you are alive, release.”

Then I breathe out again and I notice the air leaving my body. When I pause at the bottom of my out breath, there it is again saying “Breathe.” And so the dance begins.

The recognition of being alive and the imperative to release my hold on my life by releasing my breath is liberating. Then choose to reengage life by choosing to consciously breathe.

Release, be, choose life. The subtle reminder to release, be present, choose life.

Release. Be.




Breathe. Be. Release.

Release control, be present as I release my breath. Be present. Breathe.

In this moment release your need for control, observe and be present with yourself and choose to live the life you imagined.

Confront your self, observe with your truth, connect with the lesson in this breath. This is real, this is you.

Release. Be. Breathe, choose life.

Conscious breathing saved my sanity. Connected me with my higher self. Conscious breath is like my pause button for my overthinking, over analytical, over achieving brain. I invite you to add conscious breath work into your life. Try it over a sustained period, you will be glad you did.