A Day In The Life Of Where’s Waldo

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It’s 7:10am, and the snooze button has been hammered twice. Waldo is running late for the shoot.

With leer, he rolls out of bed and sluggishly cuts on the shower. As a shower beer magically finds it’s way into his hands, he claps twice for his bluetooth player to come to life. The song You Can’t Find Me by Masta Ace fills the bathroom with an undeniable beat. “Perfect” he thinks.

As he wraps his shower up, he says a word of thanks for the one decision he never has to make anymore in life; what he should wear. As he dries off, he enters one of the most OCD closets you could imagine. With all his red and white striped attire organized by the date washed, he picks the latest one and packs two more to change into throughout the day.

From the moment he puts on his trademark getup, he is sparked with the demeanor of 1000 Christmas trees lit up in Times Square. His face lights up from ear to ear and his hair magically falls into place. He’s the male version of Mary Poppin’s gliding through his day.

On the way to the shoot in his 2016 style matching Mini Cooper, he calls his agent.

“How’s the weather looking Gary?”

“Beautiful. The shoot shouldn’t take too long. There’s a lot of people here.” said Gary.

They were shooting at Lakebit Mall on Memorial Day weekend.

There are two styles of shoots they do:

The first is where they invite a bunch of Where’s Waldo fans through social media to come out and be apart of the shoot.
The second is where they do a spontaneous shoot on shopping holidays where a bunch of people are out on the town.

Today is the latter.

As Waldo arrives, he is met by an entourage of adoring fans. This is his world, and he’s the rockstar.

When the flood parts, he’s greeted by the camera crew and Gary.

“Lot of cloud cover arriving. This should make for a tough find in the picture.” said Gary.

“Excellent. We don’t want people to think I’ve lost my touch.” chimed Waldo.

Waldo stepped up on the ladder and began to scan potential hiding spots around the mall. He spotted something perfect in less than a minute, and he began to gather some of the actors to help pull it off. Usually it involves squatting behind a garbage can.

He’s been in this business long enough to knew exactly what he wants when searching a spot. Usually it involves squatting behind a garbage can but every now and again, he’ll hide in a bathroom or something.

As everyone takes there places, Waldo limbers up with some stretches and they take about twenty shots. Like a statue, Waldo never flinches. It’s like his clothing adjusts into some form of transformer by transfixing him into the pose of his choice. He’s legend for this.

From there, Waldo takes over the editing with the tenacity of a first time cocaine user. His OCD has it’s perks as he attributes it to the millions he’s made with his editing skills. If you thought he was a ninja with his hiding skills, then he becomes a ghost when he’s through editing.

He likes to dangle the carrot far enough for people to think they can find him. They think “how hard could it be to find a human candy cane?” They really think that.

And when it’s all said and done, he leaves the masses in suspense, frustrated, and finally, jubilant IF they find him.

See for yourself.

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