Mother And Father Troubled After Son Brings Home A Bee

“I’m walking home my baby bumble bee. Won’t my mommy be so proud of me.” sang the dad as he tucked little Timmy into bed for the night.

The next morning, Timmy set off to capture a bee. Compelled by the imagery and bravery portrayed in the timeless story, Timmy knew exactly where to find them. He knew of a location where they all gathered to sing and be merry. Upon approaching the nest, Timmy was greeted by a stray one zipping around. He waited for a split second and launched his hand at the bee. Snatching it out of the air Mr. Miagi style, Timmy quickly tied a piece of yarn around it.

Brimming with joy as he watched his new pet bee struggle to fly away, Timmy set off to show his family. Racing as fast his stubby legs could carry him, Timmy made it back home in record time. The bee struggled mightily to keep up as the wind drug it behind him.

Timmy ran up to the door and got up on his tip-toes to reach the handle. Giving it a slight twist, he pushed through the door and ambled into the kitchen where he found his mom fixing lunch.

With excitement, Timmy blurted, “Look what I caught?!”

His mom turned around and was greeted with a massive yellow jacket tied to a red piece of yarn. Timmy had no way of discerning between a bumble bee and a yellow jacket; he only knew they were both black and yellow. To Timmy’s mom though, it was death from above as she is highly allergic to yellow jackets.

With the insect in her face, she quickly stepped sideways where she stumbled onto the dishwasher door that was open from unloading dishes. Beginning to fall, she grabbed for the door handle on the fridge. Briefly, the handle appeared to catch her but a split second later, the door swung open and the handle snapped. Helplessly, mom fell as gravity took over. She felt pain shoot down her right arm as the floor greeted her elbow. While rolling in pain and muttering to herself, a pickle jar sitting in the refrigerator door fell and shattered, narrowly missing her head. The explosion sent pickles and pickle juice across the floor.

Hearing the commotion from across the house, the Timmy’s father abruptly pushed from his desk, jumped from his office chair, and raced towards the kitchen. He rounded the corner and noticed his wife in pain on the floor. Taking two large steps, his left foot received the pickle juice that was inching along the tile floor. He panicked as both feet lifted off. Helplessly, his body rotated in the air and descended towards the floor. On the way down, his face greeted the long end of the bar, cleanly knocking him out. The fall left him sprawled out unconsciously on the floor.

With his mother rolling in pain and his father laying unmoved, Timmy’s eyes glazed over as a thought approached his mind. He then grabbed a pickle off the floor, stuffed it in his mouth, and advanced towards the back door. He elevated onto the tip of his toes, turned the knob, and skipped out into the world with the yellow jacket not too terribly behind.

Timmy was so excited to see the explosive reaction from his parents that he decided to show his new flying friend to his buddy Joe. He could only imagine the reaction Joe and his family might have. Will they be just as receptive as his? Will they love Terry (yellow jacket’s name) as much as Timmy does? He knew the only way to find out was to sneak around back surprise them just as he had surprised his family.

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