To Save A Life

While shifting uncomfortably in the electric chair, the executioner began the proceedings.

A few button hits had Frank ready for it to all be over with. He felt currents of electricity dance and weave throughout his body. They were teasing the life out of him.

As the generators filled the room with the sound of death, the executioner beamed

“Any last words?”

Overwhelmed with tension, Frank’s thoughts were running faster than Usain Bolt but in a moment of clarity, he realized what he needed to say.

“I’m with her.”

Stupefied, the executioner stood silently.

In a flash, he punched a few buttons and the room went silent.

Frank, on the edge of pissing himself from fear, sat drenched in sweat as he watched the executioner glide towards him.

With the coolness of a fedora, the executioner smiled.

“Me too.”

And like that, he unhinged Frank and set him free.

Green hearts are somewhere. Publication: Rue Renegade

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