Top 5 Ways to Be Popular on Twitter

These tactics will make you popular in a bad way.

  1. Roast somebody. Nothing brings you popularity faster than when you put somebody in there place. Think their tweet is terrible? Really voice your opinion on it and don’t hold back.
  2. Talk about yourself incessantly. Nobody loves it more than when you promote average content on Twitter. Even better is when you spam it and not let off the brakes. People will love you!
  3. Buy followers. What better way to show how popular you are than to pay for popularity. Even better is when you pay and those new bot followers don’t engage with your content. It’s like high school all over again.
  4. Following and then unfollowing people. With this tactic, you’ll have people riding a roller coaster of emotion. “The followed me omg” to “wow that asshole played me.” Don’t be that guy unless the other person starts tweeting about dead dogs or something.
  5. Stealing other people’s tweets. You’ll earn so many friends and followers you won’t know what to do with them. You’ll even get a lot of messages and attention; the best kind!

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