5 Different Pizzas for Any Occasion in Fort Collins

Dalton Browne
Sep 17, 2019 · 3 min read
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Looking for a new date idea? visiting Fort Collins for the first time? Whatever the case Fort Collins pizza tradition runs as thick as the tomato sauce. Read on to find the perfect pizza pairing for your needs.

1. The Family Spot: Pulcinella Pizza

Pulcinella pizza offers an authentic take on a classic east coast pizza joint. Whether you’re at the Harmony or Drake and Shields location, you’ll be greeted with a glass display case with all the available slices. If you’re not feeling up for a pie they have a select few pasta dishes, sandwiches, and even wings. If you find yourself at the Drake location be sure to enjoy a drink from the wine bar.

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2. The Mad Inventor: Krazy Karl’s

A staple among the college Krazy Karl’s specializes in fantastical pizza creation combinations. A true Willy Wonka of pizza with toppings ranging from cream cheese to waffle fries to the classics, you’ll be sure to find something for every taste at Krazy Karl’s. Make sure to call in advance as Krazy Karl’s ranked among the top 50 busiest independent pizza restaurants in the country per a report in Pizza Today.

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3. Date Night: RARE Italian

Looking to impress with a fancy restaurant but not stray too far from your comfort zone? RARE Italian located in Old Town is the perfect choice. With great ambience and great food its the perfect spot to take your date. Make sure to read up on your wines as they’ve got a selection that rivals the best in northern Colorado.

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4. Late Night: Cosmo’s Pizza

Whether you’ve been out on a bar crawl or staying in running a movie marathon, Cosmo’s Pizza is here for your late night pizza needs. Offering free delivery may be the tipping point for some, for others their famous spicy ranch and enormous 28" pies are all the selling points you need. Order one of their monster pies for you and your friends and you’ll be sure to be the pizza hero you never knew you were meant to be. Ready to order? Now you can online.

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5. The Colorado Staple: Beau Jo’s

If you’re visiting Fort Collins or Colorado for the first time you may be uninitiated with the Mountain pie. Known for their thick braided crusts Beau Jo’s stacks the toppings high and delivers a unique pizza experience exclusive to the centennial state. Up for a challenge? Take down a 14 pound pizza crust and all with one partner within an hour and walk away $100 richer. Be warned, if you fail you have to pay up the $80 the pizza costs. Check out Adam Richman try to take it down on the acclaimed Travel Channel show Man vs Food.

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