D.P. Dough Review

With a vast variety of options to curb your hunger pangs after midnight, one of the most convenient is D.P. Dough. These calzones come with toppings that are nearly limitless, but I’ve found one that can satisfy a multitude of cravings. For some reason, once the clock strikes twelve thirty, I always want pizza. This wouldn’t be an issue minus the fact that I also always want hot wings. I had never thought of combining the two, until Friday night.

The “Buffer Zone” is a melty concoction of mozzarella, blue cheese, breaded chicken, and hot sauce. At first it just tastes like your run-of-the-mill calzone. But all of a sudden you get a bite of hot sauce and it’s like God created it himself. I wouldn’t usually obsess over a piece of pizza this way, but if you are looking for something other than typical pepperoni pizza, D.P. Dough is the place to go. Not only is this specific calzone delicious, it’s also convenient. The pizza is made into a pocket. You can walk and eat if you want to. You can drive and eat. You can do it all unless you are a messy eater, then I would stick to sitting at one of their high-top tables.

D.P. Dough stays open as late as 1 A.M. so if you’re looking for a fix you can’t go wrong. They have everything from a regular “Cheeze Zone” to the “Spinner Zone” (spinach, mozzarella, ricotta, and garlic), which could make any Italian ancestor proud. This pizza joint even has sides that you won’t want to miss. You can order hot wings, tater tots covered in cheese and bacon, and bread sticks. Every order comes with different dipping sauces and plenty of satisfaction.

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