Parents: Keep this in mind when letting your kids go to rock concerts alone.

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Music is a universal tool that is used to bring people together. However, when parents let their kids go to these concerts unsupervised, they need to be aware of the potential risks of experiencing music live.

Now, all concerts can get rowdy and at times out of hand. However, rock concerts are specifically known to be more chaotic.

These concerts can lead to violent behavior that young people might feel uncomfortable being subjected to, especially alone. Some of these unsafe situations include: drugs and alcohol, sexual abuse, mosh pits and riots. Rock concerts create a specific ambiance that adds to the music, but can create unsafe circumstances for under-aged individuals.

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Historically speaking, rock concerts have been notorious for violence, injuries and out of hand behavior. For example, the alcohol and drugs at various rock concerts lead to violence and brawls. One example would be The Family Values Tour in 2006 , where many scuffles occurred between concert attendees. Music is supposed to be a way to unite people so that they feel less alone in the world.

I know that music has always been an important part of my life. It has helped me get through some tough times. Having the ability in high school to go to concerts with friends, gave me a sense of freedom and confidence. I felt like I was able to express myself and I also felt supported by my family. Although, at times this freedom young people are given seems to backfire due to the environment that often times makes up these rock concerts.

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54% of parents believe that their kids should be at least 16 or older before they attend a concert alone. Foul language, groping, and the violence that takes place at rock concerts can confuse young teens because they are not sure how to react to it, and often times aren’t used to being subjected to that sort of behavior. It’s important for young people who are passionate about rock music to be aware of what they are getting themselves into.

However, if a minor is at an appropriate age, attending a concert alone could be the opportunity for the individual to prove how responsible they are. As long as the parents make sure the show is appropriate for the age of their child, trusting them to go without supervision could be a beneficial step. Parents should know their kids and determine whether or not they would be able to conduct themselves in a responsible way.

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It’s also important for parents to remember that one day your baby is going to be all grown up. If parents let them spread their wings and fly, they are more likely to make good choices, than if parents imprison them and refuse to trust them. Younger individuals tend to do better when they feel like they are supported and trusted by their parents.

Ultimately, concerts can be a dangerous place for young people to be without parents. However, if parents and their children talk about how to stay safe, concerts can be some of the greatest experiences. Just make sure your child goes with a group of friends, keeps their phones near by and trust that they will make the good decisions that they were taught. If parents give their kids this freedom, while setting boundaries at the same time, their child may just be able to beat to the rhythm of their own drum.

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