Q & A with David Kotunok Fellow Fort Collins Runner

As a member of the cross country and track and field team I slowly realized that I knew just about every runner in Fort Collins. The best way to interview someone I didn’t know was to sit outside of my house and wait for a runner to pass by. Luckily for me I ran (literally) into sophomore David Kotunok. While Colorado is known for being one of the most fit and active state in America, it wasn’t hard to find someone running.

What caught my attention about David was the fact the he didn’t have headphones in, and appeared to be running alone. You can tell if someone is serious about running when they don’t have headphones in, and they dress appropriate for the weather. You would be shocked at how many people run in leggings and jackets when it’s 55 degrees outside. Trust me people you do not need that many layers. As I approached David, he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and had very friendly and welcoming behavior. David was happy to do an interview, with only requirement, which was that we ended the run outside of the CSU rec center where he was meeting a friend.

23 year old David Kotunok photo by: Karlee Schwartzkopf

Q: Why do you run?

A: I run because it makes me feel good, when I go on a run I feel better about myself and more energized. I accomplish my tasks faster and get things done. The most important reason why I run though is because it always puts me in a better mood and makes me happy.

Q: Where is your favorite place to run in Fort Collins?

A: Definitely running down Mountain Ave., I love the architecture and old houses! You can always end the run at the graveyard which is great for some dirt as well. I like finishing through Old Town too. There’s always people walking around and I like when people see me running!!

Q: It’s said that beer can be good for your muscles after a run, where is your favorite place to grab a beer in Old Town or Campus West?

A: Well I actually am not a huge fan of beer so I prefer cider! My favorite place to get cider is at the Blind Pig, Tony’s or Yeti! The have a good variety of ciders which is important to me.

Q: If there was a running club in Fort Collins would you join?

A: Yes! I like running with people more than alone, I feel more driven when I’m running with a group. I also think a Fort Collins running club would be awesome! That way I could connect with college students that go to Colorado State!

Q: How could running be better in Fort Collins?

A: Honestly, there are so many trails and cool places to run but I think a running store in Old Town would be very helpful. I think Fort Collins is dominated by bikers, and having a running store so close would invite more runners to hit the trail.

My last question for David was to lighten to mood after we had some serious talk about running.

Q: Did I completely freak you out when I just started running with you?

A: HAHA no I was pretty surprised that you could keep up with my pace though! I enjoyed the company!

As David mentioned Fort Collins, Colorado is a bike-crazed town. I think it’s important to recognize the runners of Fort Collins, too. People run for so many reasons, but David runs to get his mind ready for the day, and to make himself happy! If you haven’t gone out for a run recently, I encourage you to give it a try! You might find yourself like David and find a sense of motivation, or be like countless other runners who run to free their mind.

Run Happy! :)

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