Why Old Town should be your weekend destination

Both aren’t far from CSU’s campus, the epicenter of Fort Collins’s student population. Both are frothy with bars and late night pizza joints. But when you are planning a weekend, should you head downtown to Old Town, or cruise over to Campus West?

To me, the choice is easy. As one of the most famous spots in Fort Collins, Old Town is always buzzing with energy on weekend nights, with options for everyone. For rambunctious college students, there are choices out the wazoo.

Rec Room offers a damn-near impossible to beat deal of pitchers that cost only a penny on Monday nights from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Ingeniously, this deal is called Penny Pitchers. A match made in a heaven for broke college students, assuming you can get inside.

Rec Room is far from the only spot with a good deal for cheap booze. Lucky Joe’s does $3 draft beer on Thursday from 7 p.m. until close, and if you aren’t in the mood for beer, Bondi does $2 Jell-O shots on Friday’s. I could sit here all day and google good deals for bars in Old Town, and you could do the same and make a case for Campus West. Road 34 does $2 micro drafts from 4 p.m. to close on Wednesdays. Fuzzy’s does $2.50 margaritas all day.

And you know that massive line you see outside the lofts and the international housing every Wednesday night? That’s for $1 draft beers at Mo Jeaux’s from 9 p.m. till midnight. And we haven’t even mentioned the decadent dining options for late night drunken hunger, with pretty much every kind of pizza available within half a mile. I’ve heard some people think pizza is pretty good. Jesus, if I’m not careful here I’m going to talk myself into being on Team Campus West.

But even after a night of throwing back shots and messily devouring greasy pizza, you still need to get home. Unless you want to sleep cuddled up with a homeless guy (although if you wanted to do that, you wouldn’t have a shortage of options.) And as far as getting home goes, Old Town has a full nelson hold on Campus West thanks to the proximity of downtown to the Max Bus. Running all the way from downtown past CSU and all the way up into mid town, the Max streaks across the city and offers a cheap, reliable way to get home.

Sure, you could take an Uber home, and I won’t sit here and act like that isn’t a good option. But why pay a surging fee for an Uber driver who is going to get you home as aggressively as possible so he can get back on the road and make more money all while slimy cream cheese pizza and vodka slosh around in your gut, when you could take the Max, which smoothly rolls along its own private road? Sure, you may have a bit of a walk home from the stop, but you wanted an epic adventure damnit, and I’m giving you an epic adventure.

In a clash of titans, in an battle of two overwhelmingly awesome choices, I’m going with Old Town by a hair. Everyone enjoy your next outing, wherever it may be.

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