Why you need to eat a Kolache

Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Source: Flickr Creative Commons

The cronut was one little pastry that took an entire nation by storm. It was talked about on Jimmy Fallon, and there are countless articles about the cronut and the creator of the cronut, Dominique Ansel. The cronut fad has seemed to die down since 2013, when the cronut was at its peak of popularity. So it’s time for a new pastry to capture the hearts and stomachs of Americans. The Kolache has taken its place but will have a longer lasting reign over the culinary landscape because of its rich history and the ability to experiment with the flavors and keep the trend fresh. The editor-in-chief of Bon Appetit Magazine made an appearance on The Today Show to announce this pastry’s growing rise to fame, so you know it must be true.

The Kolache is a Czech pastry that has a light, pillowy texture and is filled with fruits or creams, or even sausage. The three original and most popular fillings that are true to its Czech roots are prune, apricot, and cheese. After the pastry’s arrival in Texas in the 1800s, there has been a large shift away from the original three fillings to a variety of flavors that appeal to just about everyone. The variant in fillings is one of the reasons this pastry should be the next culinary obsession. There are Kolaches that are filled with Nutella, which is very on trend, and there are Kolaches that are filled with ham and cheese and jalapeno. The flavor combinations are endless and the experimental flavors will draw in a the younger generation and create a culinary superstar.

Source: Flickr Creative Commons

The Kolache has a rich history that has followed it from Czechoslovakia all the way to central Texas. Czech immigrants congregated in a swath of Central Texas that is known as the Czech belt and they brought their amazing recipes with them. The Kolache was originally a mid-day snack but they are available in bakeries, gas stations and food trucks 24/7 now. That history is another reason these scrumptious pastries should be a staple in every home. It serves as a way to preserve the Czech culture and keep it relevant. The Czech grandmothers who have passed their recipes down would be proud that they are being shared with the world. There have been Kolache Festivals throughout Texas to celebrate the heritage of this pastry and the number of young contestants competing the Kolache bake-offs has grown, which is always a sign of increasing popularity. The Kolache can bring together the older generations and the younger generations in celebration of a pastry that is both old and new.

The Kolache is spreading all over the country and can even be found in Fort Collins, CO at The Crooked Cup. The Crooked Cup offers Kolaches with a breakfast twist with flavors like egg, sausage and cheddar cheese or french toast and maple. The spread of the Kolache is just another sign of its pastry super-stardom. It’s reaching more people and gaining a following cross-country.

Photo by Haley Huffman

The Kolache is ready to make its big break and the people that cherish this pastry and all of the traditions and history that it represents couldn’t be more excited. The American public has been waiting for several years for a new culinary trend to obsess over and the Kolache is it. The amount of experimentation and customization that the doughy pastry allows for is going to create an amazing following and it allows bakers to put their own mark on something that has hundreds of years of tradition attached to it. The rich history combined with the hip, young feel of this pastry allows for it to become the next cronut.