Why You Should Work in Old Town as a CSU Student

Many people say that if you must work during college, make sure it’s an on-campus job.

Don’t — especially if you are attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

The opposing argument has some points valid points; a schedule that matches up with the university’s where you are guaranteed winter and spring break off. Or flexibility if you have a test or deadline that you need to study for.

While time is very valuable, nothing compares to the experience of working in old town. There are plenty of benefits to woking in Downtown Fort Collins especially as a college student.

Speaking from personal experience, my college career completely changed when I started working in Old Town. I matured, developed new work skills, and learned how to work for an industry that doesn’t surround academics.

By working in Old Town, you develop a sense of community. Everyone seems to know eachother and although there may be 150,000 people living in Fort Collins, Old Town, in itself, is actually really small. It’s important for college students to develop a sense of community outside of campus life. Getting connected to the people and places in Fort Collins creates a better bond between town and student.

After working in town for a period of time, locals start to know you and you become a familiar face. You will eventually meet the “Townies”: Theres regulars that hang out in old town and you become familiar with them. Like Old Town Jerry! Or the Window Man!

While employed in a business downtown, discounts are available with values varying at each location. The “Old Town Discount” is offered for all those working in old town and as a college student, saving money is a high priority.

Get the in: Because everybody knows everybody, youre always in the know of what events are happening in Old Town — Bike Prom, concerts at the Artery, Craft Night at the Forage.

Meet some of your best friends: Having a small community in a really freindly town is the perfect recipe to find some of your best friends.