Episode 001: Camden Chalk Dust

Episode 001: Camden Chalk Dust

Welcome to Beyond The Pond!

Hosted by Brian Brinkman and David Goldstein, our goal is to use the music of Phish to introduce you, the listener, to a diverse assortment of music. Through the medium of great Phish jams, we’re going to dive into music history, draw parallels with a wide range of genres, and discuss some of our favorite bands & albums. We hope you dig it!

Our first episode focuses on one of the most popular Phish jams of all time: 07/10/1999 Chalk Dust Torture. This is one of the most celebratory jams the band has ever played. A song that rarely left its song structure, this was not only a surprise as a first set jam, but it was the second song in the whole show, no less! This was the 8th show of the Summer 1999 tour. Coming on the heels of a really unique show in Virginia Beach — a show with another rare set I, song two jam in Fee — and right before excellent two-night stands at Great Woods, Homdel, and the pseudo-festival, Oswego, this showcased exactly where Phish was in summer 1999. Melodic, experimenting with beat-driven jamming, and euphoric blissed-out peaks, it’s a popular tour among many fans.

Thematically, we focus on the blissful nature of the jam, the driving ecstasy of the band’s playing, the influence of Robert Fripp on Trey’s playing in this jam, and the cagey, dance-heavy conclusion to the jam.

Songs selected for this episode are:

  • LCD Soundsystem “All I Want”
  • David Bowie “Heroes”
  • Brian Eno “The Big Ship”
  • Broken Social Scene “KC Accidental”
  • The War On Drugs “Burning”
  • Colin Stetson/Sarah Neufeld “Never Were The Way She Was”

In addition, we both discuss two new 2017 albums we highly recommend you check out: Thundercat Drunk and Jay Som Everybody Works.

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