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Why There is an Eating Disorder Problem in Argentina

If we do not intervene in our culture now, our mental wellness is going to suffer in ways we are not prepared to handle

Me walking through the Palermo section of Buenos Aires in 2019

Our medical model of modern psychology looks at symptoms as things to be fixed and cured. And certainly, with the severity of something like an eating disorder or suicidality, we need a medical perspective. Over the last ten years, I have travelled the…




On our search for love, do we follow the relationship science or our spiritual journey? Is it possible that relationships have become the new conduit for the awakening? Awakening accepts submissions related to the spirituality of relationships and how it affects our daily lives.

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Make Your Mental Health A Priority

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Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes

Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes

Sex & Relationship Alchemist | Author & Speaker | Intuitive | Psychologist @jenniferbrhodes

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