October 10, morning by the lake

Our rowing boat and the white-tailed eagle, a slightly mature slice of life short story.

As life progress across the expanding space that is time and the growing universe, it touches each and every one of us.

The perpetual flow of life changes us from the inside out, simultaneously and incrementally steering a continual change in both the largest and smallest of ways.

This gradual transformation that is caused by life and your own needs and healthy choices is as wonderful as it is taken for granted, perhaps, not even acknowledged and noticed most of the time.

But in truly rare everyday life moments, when life reach out to touch you while you cast yourself out to enjoy the untamed and never ending torrent that is your daily adventure, something remarkable sometimes happens and in those moments you and life find yourself mixing and merging to change the wild waters of the entire universe through that very same bilateral and symbiotic touch.

This is one such day and slightly naughty moment

music of the day
The moment by the agonist

photography and writing by Mike Koontz

October 10

For me, and you, this could have been just another day of life. And of course, that was exactly what it was, a slice of everyday life down by the lake, wonderful, but uneventful.

But it was, also and forever, a perfect day with white-tailed eagles, white swans, and seagulls that slowly rocked our old wooden boat gently down our misty lake of wonders. Swaying and bobbing on the translucent wind and colors of the sky and the surrounding natural world, like they too floated around in their own wooden boat.

It was a perfect day for the two of us, no matter how anyone else would ever slice the dice and look at life.

But as my hand reached out, as we solemnly floated by the auburn colored trees and rocks that reached out into the water, I touched your skin and slowly raised your skirt.

We both smiled moments before I kissed your lips, rocking to the turning of the sea, and inside our slowly moving boat, my fingers soon gently touched your shaved and already aching wet privates to the sound of waves and birds, and the slowness of the warming breeze that rattled leafs and strands of hair before it seemed to eagerly help me stir your growing wetness.

The northern soil of Scandinavia by Mike Koontz

As with every moment shared with you, life beneath the white-tailed eagle was made all the brighter, impossibly lush and vivid, just by being shared with you. For within you, the power to light the very core of entire worlds flows from nothing more than you being you.

And so, when you shivered and quaked for the first time this day, when your wetness rushed against my fingers in a series of quaking seismic contractions, the boat rocked just a little bit more, and the white-tailed eagle took to the sky above our heads, calling out our names with its peculiar gong like song, and with the sound of its mighty wings and your own pleasured moaning, your physical eruptions seemed to take a life of their own through the waves that rushed more sudden away from the boat, across the calm surface of the lake it rushed across the wild waters of the universe, and as I made you cum again, life was changed and made forever richer.

By breathing, living and simply being, just the way you are, you paint tongues and kisses, the color of the sky and the motions of the rain as nature waters our garden of trees to bloom forever more bright and vivid, just by being you.

Happy birthday my October 10.

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