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The Much-Awaited Treasure Box is Here

The Treasure Box is just a few minutes from opening and unleashing a grand flurry of cryptocurrencies and special gifts attached. High time we talk about it!

The Treasure Box, is a one-of-a-kind idea has introduced, that holds your potential of claiming some unbelievable digital assets. We, in an endeavor to elevate the ‘value’ attached with buying Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFTs, have brought you the Treasure Box for every user owning 5 or more NFTs.

The Treasure Box is a revolution in its own right — it is the first of its kind prize open for NFT holders that brings crypto coins as prizes.

What does the Treasure Box hold?

1) Grand prizes that will charge everyone up with excitement!

2) Bitcoin & Ether

3) Shiba Inu (SHIB), Decentraland (MANA), and SandBox (SAND) coins

How are these Treasure Box prizes allotted?

There were only two parts of the entire Treasure Box equation:

1) There is something in every Treasure Box. There is no ‘empty’ Treasure Box!

2) Every user gets Treasure Boxes proportional to the number of NFTs you possess — you get 1 Treasure Box for every 5 NFTs you hold!

3) The total value of all the prizes in the Treasure Box is in the tune of $50,000 or INR 35,00,000.

The allocation of prizes in the Treasure Box is completely random and is purely based on the chance!

Is there a deadline to claim the Treasure Box prize?

The answer is both yes and no! Let us explain.

The Treasure Box prize will need to be claimed within 48 hours of the Treasure Box opening. If not, the value of your Treasure will be restored to the ‘Community account’ that will eventually come back to the subsequent Treasure Boxes we will offer. (Yes! You read that right. We’ve got more of these Treasure Boxes lined up… possibly one for every NFT launch!).

Therefore, when you don’t claim the Treasure Box prize, it will only go back to the community… and if you claim it, needless to say, it’s yours!

How do I get the benefits of the Treasure Box?

As soon as you claim the Treasure Box, your Treasure Box prize will immediately reflect in your wallet in a separate section ‘Treasure Funds’. You can choose to retain your prize in the ‘Treasure Funds’ if you would like to take advantage of the prize dynamicity. Every crypto you win will be reflected in the wallet with respect to its USD value.

You can, alternatively, choose to transfer your balance to the main wallet. You can choose to either retain the balance in the wallet or withdraw the amount to your bank account/payment instrument/personal wallet.

Get ready for the Treasure Box!

Once again… Welcome to the Treasure Box!




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