Bezant and BXA Strategic Partnership

Hello from Bezant!

Today, we are very pleased to announce the strategic partnership of Bezant and BXA(Blockchain Exchange Alliance).

1. BXA Introduction

BXA, as its name suggests, aims to establish a global exchange alliance and innovate the traditional financial market. The BXA token, which serves as the key currency amongst the allied exchanges, will be used for payment services that will operate on the alliance infrastructure.

2. Partnership Background

Our partnership was achieved as both parties shared the view that the structure of the existing industries can be disrupted through the commercialization of blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, Bezant team has been working hard to realize our vision, “the blockchain for everyday use”, by utilizing Bezant’s blockchain service, BaaS(Blockchain-as-a-Service) and a built-in currency, the BZNT token.

At the same time, BXA wants to build a token economy that can be experienced in everyday life based on the alliance’s infrastructure and the BXA token, the key currency.

3. Bezant x BXA Payment service

Through this partnership, Bezant plans to enhance its existing payment services into a payment service cemented by the alliance infrastructure of BXA. The payment services to be introduced by Bezant will include the options for the various BZNT-based tokens including BZNT itself and the BXA token payment option, as well as the legacy payment options, such as credit cards. In addition, we plan to expand the service to offline payments such that use QR codes, barcode scanning, and the withdrawal service using ATM.

Bezant team, with the know-hows from our experiences in global payment industries, will soon be developing a service that is disruptive to the existing digital payment industries backed by the enlarged liquidity pool of BXA for ‘Fiat-Crypto’ tradings in each Fiat-paired exchanges of targeted countries.

Spearheaded by Bezant’s Vice President, Noah Hwang, who has been appointed as a member of the BXA Board since the beginning of its establishment, Bezant team will be working with BXA on strategies to target the mobile payment market. Bezant and BXA are particularly interested in the cross-border payment market to create real use cases. We believe that the current fee structure, which consists of existing credit card companies, brand network companies, and banks, will soon be replaced by our convenient and economical alternatives.

4. Strategic directions to drive Bezant blockchain ecosystem

With our developer-friendly platform, we will continue putting our efforts to bring end-users into the blockchain industry through payment services that provide crypto-payment and traditional payment options; this will create an ecosystem centered on our Bezant platform, while expanding our dApp partners that build blockchain based services.

We look forward to your continued support and interest in the larger ecosystem that Bezant will be bringing forth.

Thank you.

Bezant Team