Bezant Announces Strategic Investment from Bibox Exchange, a Top-Ten Global Crypto Exchange

We are pleased to announce a six figure strategic investment by Bibox Exchange, a leading AI-enhanced global encrypted digital asset exchange.

This partnership comes as Bezant expanded on its original mission of decentralized payment to evolve its platform with blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) offerings. Bibox Exchange leverages artificial intelligence for encrypted digital asset transactions. Its platform is a top-tier global exchange ranked amongst the top ten in the world in terms of exchange volume. Founded by industry-leading, world-renowned blockchain and cryptocurrency figures, the team is comprised of AI experts and core founding members of top cryptocurrency exchanges OKCoin and Huobi.

“We are impressed by Bezant’s vision and are keen to partner with their team to push the boundaries of blockchain’s role into mainstream business operations. Bibox is very selective of whom we partner with and we see great potential in the Bezant team. Made up of heavyweight industry veterans, Bezant’s founding members have a proven track record of building solutions that address real-world needs. We believe that Bezant is on the cusp of demonstrating its power to revolutionize the blockchain industry and our investment in the company reflects this. We look forward to expanding this partnership in the future.” — Jeffrey Lei, CEO of Bibox

“Bezant is thrilled to receive strategic investment from Bibox, a globally recognized exchange that is at the forefront of the industry. We’ve always admired them as they have built an incredible team and offering that is so seamless and simple that even users new to the cryptocurrency space can use with ease.” — Daesik Kim, Chief Cryptocurrency Officer of Bezant

“We look forward to our partnership with Bibox as they will provide us with tremendous insight and value beyond monetary investment. Their guidance will help us grow Bezant into a company at the leading edge of both the blockchain and content platform industries. In this fast-growing space, it is important to have strategic partners that you trust to build off their experience and innovate in ways that neither company could do on their own. ” — Oh Thongsrinoon, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Bezant

Earlier in May, Bezant hit its pre-sale target of US$16.8 million just over an hour after the token sale opened for participation. Due to high demand from participants, Bezant also added a pre-sale bonus round of US$4 million one day later, which concluded in under five minutes. Following this event, Bezant announced the cancellation of its main token sale in order to focus on strategic investors who bring invaluable relevant experience to Bezant in addition to capital.

Drop by our booth (475) at Blockchain Europe!

This week, the Bezant team is at Amsterdam for Blockchain Europe 2018.

This afternoon (July 27) Oh Thongsrinoon, CSO/CMO of Bezant will speak about Bezant’s token sale strategy.

Tomorrow (June 28), Julian Migura, Chief Business Officer of Bezant will be speaking at the panel “Building partnerships to help grow financial services blockchain solutions”.

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