Bezant Collaborates with IBM to Push The Boundary of What Hyperledger Fabric Can Do for Bezant Blockchain Platform

Hello from Bezant Team!

As follow-up to our recently announced Hyperledger Foundation membership, we are happy to announce our collaboration with IBM. Bezant and IBM are working together to build the framework for Bezant Blockchain Platform that will provide end-to-end blockchain solutions for enterprises. Bezant Blockchain Platform using Hyperledger Fabric framework will cater to businesses that want to harness the potential of blockchain technology and need to make sure their customer’s data and digital identities remain secure and private.

Since Bezant’s blockchain platform has specific and stringent requirements for content and payment industries, this collaboration will push the boundary of what’s possible with Hyperledger Fabric framework. The beneficiaries from this collaboration will be company, enterprises and business partners that build platform, DAPP, and issue token using Bezant Blockchain Platform.

IBMs goals are aligned with Bezant as we seek to build a blockchain platform that enterprises can utilize securely for a wide array of use cases including, but not limited to, contract management, trade logistics, rewards point management, dispute resolution and identity management.

IBM Team x Bezant Blockchain Product Development Team Seoul This Week

About Bezant

Bezant offers blockchain-as-a-service for enterprises to build dynamic services and applications on top of the Bezant blockchain network, enabling enterprises to power up their services with blockchain integration, and conduct their own token sales. With a focus on mobile apps, games, and e-commerce primarily in emerging markets, the Bezant network also facilitates instant and decentralized payment solutions so all of the world’s consumers can easily access global goods and services using its Wallet and BZNT Token.

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