Bezant End User Testnet Bounty Campaign

Get the chance to use our Testnet and receive 300 BZNT!

We are thrilled to announce that Bezant will be doing a Bezant End User Testnet Bounty Campaign for our community. The campaign will take place from Jan. 16th — Feb. 16th or until supplies last. This campaign aims to allow our community members and the token holders, the chance to experience our testnet ensuring the well-roundedness of our Bezant ecosystem and the token economy. Bezant End User Testnet Bounty Campaign will allow users to test and experience the different features of our Testnet and receive bounty for it. This Bounty Campaign is designed and implemented by the Bezant Technical Operations(BTO) Team, supported by the Bezant Development team and our community members.

Bezant would like to invite all of our community members to partake in this important journey of building our ecosystem and to celebrate with us by sharing this great product thereby receiving bounties.

Below is the summary of how to participate in our End User Testnet Bounty Campaign.

1. Create an Account on the Bezant Testnet Wallet ( using your email address.

2. Create two wallets.

3. Generate tokens by making use of the ‘Get Token’ functionality.

4. Transfer BZNT tokens from one wallet to another.

5. Once transaction is complete, screenshot the transaction.

6. Upload the screenshot image onto your twitter account (must have +20 followers).

7. Use hashtag #bezant_testnet, #bezantium, tag @bezant_io and copy and paste transaction hash value.

8. Fill Up the Testnet Bounty Signup Sheet in the link below (please remember to read and agree to Disclaimer in the signup sheet link below)


*For those who have competed all the tasks, 300 BZNT(Limited Quantity) will be given as a reward.

General Rules

  • We do not intend for the Bezant End User Testnet Campaign to be participated by persons or entities in countries or jurisdictions that prohibit bounty programs. If you are citizens, nationals, residents, and/or green card holders of such county or jurisdiction, you are not allowed to participate in the Campaign and agree not to participate in the Campaign.
  • The following are strictly prohibited; if suspected or found to be committing these actions, you will be disqualified: using multiple accounts; cheating; using third parties to do the work; spamming, or any kind of unethical behavior.
  • If the campaign reaches the cap, the campaign may be ended earlier than the prescribed date.
  • Bezant reserves the right to remove you from the Bezant End User Testnet Campaign at any time if we suspect you are spamming, being dishonest, or violating any terms of the Rules.
  • Bezant reserves the right to make adjustments to the terms and conditions if necessary.
  • In order to participate in the Campaign, you must accept and agree with the Disclaimer of the Campaign.

Below is the step-by-step procedure of how to participate in our End user Testnet Bounty Campaign.

  1. Please visit the link,, and sign up using your Email address.

2. Once you agree to the “Bezant Wallet Terms and Conditions”, you will receive the verification email to which you need to verify by clicking the link that is sent to your email account.

3. Sign in to Bezant Wallet by using the registered Email account and password.

4. Once you are logged in, you will see that there is ‘No Wallet’ under the menu for “Create New Wallet”. Set your Wallet Name and Password and Confirm your password to make a wallet.

5. In this example, wallet ‘abc’ has been made. Add another wallet by creating a new wallet again, this time with a different name.

6. Select your first wallet and charge your BZNT token by simply clicking the “Get Token” button.

7. You will see that now your first wallet has 100 BZNT tokens.

8. Go to your second wallet. In this example, it is labeled ‘123’. Click on the copy icon to copy the wallet address that starts with ‘bznt…’

9. Click your first wallet and select how many BZNT tokens you would like to transfer under the ‘Amount’ function. Paste the recipient wallet address under ‘Recipient Address’.

10. Confirm your wallet Password.

11. Once transaction is complete, you will see the window below. Click on the address link that appears to check your transaction status.

12. Once the transaction page appears, screen captures the transaction details and copy the transaction hash value (in red).

13. Upload the screen capture image and the transaction hash value on your twitter in order to participate in the bounty campaign. Please make sure to include the hash tag #bezant_testnet #bezantium and tag us using @bezant_io

14. Fill out the signup sheet as this is a requirement for anyone participating in the campaign. Please fill in your email address that you used for the testnet, your name(first and last), the link to your twitter post, your ETH wallet address, and additional feedback. You must read and agree to the Bezant Testnet Disclaimer before submitting.


We look forward to our community’s participation and continued interest in the technology that Bezant aims to provide in the near future!

Thank you.

Bezant Technical Operations(BTO) Team

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