Bezant Update — July 13, 2018

Dear Bezant Community,

We are pleased to share with you our first Progress Report. Moving forward, we will release an official progress report two weeks after the end of each quarter.

The Bezant team met many milestones this past quarter, with a successful token sale, and the first listing of our BZNT Token on one of the top global exchanges. The team is grateful for your support and we are thrilled to share our journey with you.

We will have more exciting things in store as we set forth to the next quarter. This includes developing the blockchain architecture, fine tuning the various platforms, and onboarding more partnerships and collaborations. We thank you for your support and stay tuned for more updates.

Before going into details, here are a few words from our Chief Technical Officer, Colin Lee.

Official Progress Report 2Q / Colin Lee, CTO

Content Platform

This quarter, our developers focused on building our Content Platform, one of the first platforms on the roadmap. This is a white-labeled content platform that will allow distribution partners with high traffic to set up a digital content marketplace for their own platform. Merchants will be able to integrate our services with their brand seamlessly to open up new revenue channels for the goods and content such as games, apps, mangas, movies, and more.

Development of the Content Platform is complex as several parts require meticulous attention and was therefore developed piece by piece. The integral part of the content platform that allow the Content Provider (CP) and Distribution Partner (DP) to sync seamlessly to the platform is the Client SDK. With this function, CPs can market their digital content to the platform and allow DPs to link to the platform.

All the technical specifications and environment for this function have been developed. The technical SDK guideline documentation for CP & DP can be will be available for download in the underlined parts. This documentation contains the various guidelines of how DPs or CPs with SDKs can connect to the platform. It also includes various game engine SDK guidelines such as Unity, Android, and Cocos2d. Guidelines have been sent out to various gaming companies for reviews. Due to legal reasons, we are unable to reveal the names of these companies.

In addition, our team developed the core components of the Admin function, responsible for the smooth uploading of apps. The front development (which includes design) and fine-tuning are being finalized.

The closed beta testing has been successful, and we are confident that we are ready for local tests, starting with companies in Thailand, where we will aim first to roll out our platform.

Our vision for the content platform is moving closer to reality as we reach more milestones. With our platform we aim to connect content providers, distribution partners, and end users so that they can create a better ecosystem for the delivery of digital content including games, music, and e-books. In addition, we aim to provide a white-labeled solution for the likes of media companies, portals, large corporations, and social media influencers with a complete front and back-end solution that will enable them to sell directly to their customers and not have to rely on the incumbent app stores.

The Bezant team is always open to new strategic partners. For more information and suggestions please submit your inquiries to our team at

Payment Platform

Coinciding with the development of the content platform is the billing & payment platform, one of the core components of our ecosystem. The purpose of this platform is to provide a flexible solution that can be adopted for the payment of all types of physical products and digital content. We understood that purchasing digital content has its limitations, especially in emerging markets.

The payment platform core has been developed in a secured manner and our prime focus is to integrate local payments, specifically in the Thailand region. We aim to integrate various methods such as bank transfer, credit and debit card, cashcard, and e-wallet. This will allow the locals to have better access to payment methods so that they can purchase goods and content. Plans to integrate more payment gateways are on the way. We want to further our global reach to Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Laos.

The payment platform will allow greater payment flexibility to the people in the emerging markets and also be an integral role in making this ecosystem. The development and the business team are working side by side to make sure we bring this vision to life.

Blockchain Platform

Our blockchain-as-a-service platform allows enterprises and service partners to build robust application and services on our blockchain, and the BZNT Token will be used across the different platform services. Our team will be releasing the first version of our technical white paper where it will detail the various components of the Bezant blockchain.

The team is working out an agreement with a reputable tech firm to collaborate together in the building of the blockchain.

Upcoming Events

July 17th–18th: Beyond Blocks Summit

  • Bezant is the key sponsor of the event. Conference goers are invited to learn more about us by visiting our booth located at Booth 9 behind the Internal Garden at The Shilla Hotel & Resort. We will have many giveaways during the Beyond Blocks Summit, and we will do a BZNT giveaway event to a few lucky participants. Moving forward Bezant will actively promote the project through meetups and conferences for the latter half of the year.

July 13th: Live TV Interview 8:00 PM KST

  • Mark Yu, Chief Product Officer of Bezant will be featured in a live broadcast on Korean Business News, currently one of the top TV programs in Korea on topics about stocks, economy and blockchain. He will introduce Bezant’s vision and share his thoughts on the current state of blockchain. The broadcast will be in Korean, and we will share a link once it’s live.

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The Bezant Team

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