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Dear Bezant Community,

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

It’s been a great year, and as we reflect on the different milestones that we have taken from our successful ICO, extensive global and domestic partnerships, and listing in global exchanges, we couldn’t have done it without the support from the global community and partners.

We have finished the final quarter of the year, it has been a busy quarter full of various challenges and achievements that we faced in our business and with building our platform.

In Q4 of 2018, we’ve made key strategic partnerships across different industries to expand on making a ‘Real-use case dApps ecosystem.’ As a step towards that goal, we have finished the development of our testnet. We’re extremely pleased with our achievement and thrilled to share Q4 of 2018.

Bezant aims to provide a BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) to enterprises and services partners who want to integrate blockchain technologies into their services. Our goal is to make the integration seamless and simple, as the current market makes the barrier of entry to integrate blockchain very high. To provide this service, we developed key technical components which can be previewed through our testnet. Without further ado, we will dive into the details of our testnet.

For many months, our developers worked on building the core components of our blockchain. The first development milestone was to finish the developing our testnet. We’re going to highlight the key features that will be available for the testnet. The detailed guideline will be provided in the link below.

The testnet will be launched into two phases. The first phase will be for end users and the second phase will be for certified partners.


One unique feature of our blockchain is that we provide an easy way for a user to manage their account. As we are a permissioned blockchain, the user will first need to create a new account by registering with a valid email address. After verification, the user will be able to make a wallet and access their digital assets through the wallet management system. Unlike conventional blockchains where you’ll have to input a long string of numbers and letters, for Bezant’s wallet, you can set your password and use it to transfer tokens to and from the wallet.

One of the improvements that we’ve made from our original design is to make the user interface as simple as possible. We believe that one of the major impediments to blockchain adoption is the unfriendly user interface. We simplified the process so that the user would have a frictionless experience using our service For our wallet service, the user can create and manage multiple wallets, transfer tokens or add a custom token issued by our partners within the Bezant network. Another unique aspect of our platform is its accessibility via web or mobile.

For the Bezant Scan, we’ve improved on the design aspects to make the interface easy for the end users. All of the token transactions will be recorded and is viewable on our blockchain. Although Bezant is a permissioned based network, the scan function is public, allowing anyone to see what is going on in the blockchain. The user can browse through different transactions, search for information on a particular block transaction, and also look up a specific wallet address or token.

The access URLs to our testnet are in the links below.

Before accessing, please make sure to read the Testnet Guideline via the first link below.


We will also be opening up our Partner Testnet this month and will be receiving registrations from enterprises who are interested in participating. The Partner Testnet is essential for the Blockchain-as-a-Service platform where enterprises and service partners could easily access the blockchain. The testnet will feature an Admin page where partners can have direct access to our blockchain through our RESTful API. They can easily issue a token with a few clicks and create and deploy smart contracts. Here is a preview of how the Partner Testnet admin page will look like.

Details about the Partner Testnet will be provided to our partners before the end of the month. Please stay tuned for more updates, and if you are a company and are interested in using our platform, please make sure to register in the link below. The link will also be shown on our website as well.

We value your thoughts and comments, so we’re opening a bounty campaign where users can use our wallet and scan services and be rewarded. The bounty campaign will open very soon. Please make sure to tune to our channels for updates!

Bezant’s vision is to create a blockchain platform and provide borderless payments to the emerging markets. The content platform was the implementation and the initial foundation in which to utilize our borderless payment solution. We had focused on the content platform and brought it into realization by finishing the foundation development in 3Q of 2018; furthermore, we have completed a service logic test, making the platform ready to launch. However, in any ecosystem building, it requires constant monitoring of the market, and through discussions with our partners, they’ve shared valuable insights on the shifting market demands and pointed out the importance of a solid Blockchain-as-a-service platform and payments. This has led us to make a strategic business decision to re-prioritize and focus on what would be more impactful to achieving our overall vision. We decided to focus on building the foundational platform for our ecosystem, Blockchain-as-a-Service and payments. The launch of the content platform will be implemented once it is strategically viable.

Bezant began with the vision to provide frictionless payments in the emerging markets through blockchain technology and solve the inefficiencies of payment services in those regions. Following the announcement of our collaboration with BXA, one of the largest exchange alliances in the world, Bezant aims to fulfill the vision of borderless payments through strategic partnerships worldwide.

Through this partnership, Bezant plans to enhance its existing payment services into a payment service cemented by the alliance infrastructure of BXA. The payment services to be introduced by Bezant will include the options for the various BZNT-based tokens including BZNT itself and the BXA token payment option, as well as the legacy payment options, such as credit cards. In addition, we plan to expand the service to offline payments such that use QR codes, barcode scanning, and the withdrawal service using ATM.

Bezant team, with the know-hows from our experiences in global payment industries, will soon be developing a service that is disruptive to the existing digital payment industries backed by the enlarged liquidity pool of BXA for ‘Fiat-Crypto’ tradings in each Fiat-paired exchanges of targeted countries.

Bezant team will be working with BXA on strategies to target the mobile payment market. Bezant and BXA are particularly interested in the cross-border payment market to create real use cases. We will be updating the community with more details on this as both Bezant and BXA have started our partnership for the realization of our bigger vision.

We’ve seen yet another great quarter as we signed a significant number of strategic partnerships from all around the globe and hosted official listing on Bithumb. We’ve also participated in several international blockchain events held in Korea.


We are thrilled to share our partnership with MOIN, a fin-tech company that offers innovative international remittance resolutions. By partnering with MOIN, we look forward to utilizing the Bezant Blockchain Network to enhance MOIN’s overseas remittance services across all sectors including but not limited to user authentication, information retention, remittance, and transmission speed improvement.

Latis Global

The collaboration of Bezant and Latis Global will accelerate our plans to design a Bezant token-based economy and to build a structure for managing translation content based on a service-type blockchain platform (BaaS). Furthermore, we aim to create a healthy ecosystem which will improve the quality and speed of translation through this token economy that rewards participants by offering incentives to the translation contributors.


New. F.O, is a Korean Social Network Game Company, is a forerunner in the mobile games industry (SNG, strategy, RPG) — a SNG based on NAVER’s Webtoon “Wara Convenience Store” placed 1st place in Google Playstore with over 3 million downloads. We believe that New.F.O’s broad and various experience in game industry will utilize our Bezant Blockchain technology in digital asset trading, user management, and crypto payments on the Bezant Platform and will promise users a user-friendly experience.


Bezant has partnered with Comica Entertainment, the service provider of the WebToon platform. Bezant team has been working closely with COMICA not only as a strategic partner based on the successful ICO experience, product development progress, dApp partnerships, but also plans to cooperate in all areas ranging from designing the crypto-wallet, listing on the major global exchange, building token economy, as well as raising the technological completeness of “Chaincomics” project based on blockchain.


Bezant has partnered with FNB protocol. Based on the Bezant BaaS(Blockchain as a Service), FNB and Bezant will introduce a service that manages real estate information, which is the starting point of opening a self-employment shop. This partnership not only meets the strategic direction of Bezant, which focuses on areas that are closely linked to everyday life, but it will also be a case where blockchain technology addresses the challenges facing the industry.


Bezant had participated Korea’s largest game convention G-Star 2018, showcasing a wide range of new PC, mobile, VR games being developed by major game companies here, and Bezant attended the showcase as a blockchain representative. Through the event, we were able to introduce our BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) to more public and the Bezant Blockchain ecosystem which we are aiming to build.

IBM Developer Day

Bezant has been participating in a variety of events to share our vision with the general public and companies. Held on 14th November, IBM Developer Day 2018, is an event organized for corporate developers to update on IBM’s latest technologies with speakers from Hyundai Motor, Pulmuone, and Samsung Electronics. On the site, lead engineer Kevin (Park Jong-Ha) demonstrated some innovative elements of Bezant’s BaaS.

2018 World Blockchain Summit “Marvels”

Chanjoon, the CEO of Bezant, participated as a speaker of the 2018 World Blockchain Summit “Marvels” held at Seoul Hotel Shilla on December 12–13th. The event was attended by government agencies, legislators, investors, and business stakeholders, and the prospects of the blockchain industry were shared through session-specific presentations and discussions.

Hyperledger Fabric Meetup Event

Our lead engineer Kevin, also demonstrated our BaaS platform at one of the Hyperledger Fabric meetups in Korea. This event was attended by several fabric developers over the country and we were able to showcase how the token model works in our platform.

We have another busy quarter ahead of us and can’t wait to share more exciting announcements soon. Until next time!

Bezant Team

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The Bezant Team


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