Bezant to Be Listed on Bithumb

Hello from Bezant Team,

Bezant is pleased to announce our official listing on Bithumb, world’s no. 1 crypto-exchange. (According to Coinmarketcap Nov. 6th, 2018).

BZNT wallet will open for deposits on 14:00 KST Nov. 8th, 2018 and trading will officially begin tonight. *Please note that the listing time may be adjusted depending on market conditions

Bezant is a BaaS(Blockchain as a Service) which aims to create a blockchain ecosystem that includes the usage of Bezant(BZNT) token as a key currency and also an array of services such as a cryptocurrency wallet for payment. Bezant has been putting it’s utmost in establishing strategic partnerships across various sectors to create an environment that supports real use cases for dApps through it’s BaaS service.

“After passing Bithumb’s rigorous listing procedure, we were able to garner recognition of our Bezant’s token value, technical stability, and also use case. We believe that this opportunity would increase market liquidity and propel us in our journey to create a killer service while establishing more dApp partners. We will strengthen our token economics by listing in more global exchanges.” — Steve Tay, Foundation Director of Bezant

Here are the events taking place!

1. BZNT Airdrop
Timeline: November 8 (Thu), 2018 ~ November 9 (Fri), 2018 24:00 
7.8 Million BZNT will be gradually distributed according to the distribution rate on the daily trading amount of BZNT during the event period (2 days)
Additional BZNT will be distributed to top 1~3 ranking on the daily BZNT amount

2. Trading Challenge
Timeline: November 8 (Thu), 2018 ~ November 9 (Fri), 2018 24:00

BZNT Airdrop will be distributed to whom buying BZNT with the lowest or highest price on the three days of the event period

3. Deposit Bezant (BZNT) and receive airdrop event
Timeline: Until Listing

A. BZNT will be distributed to customers who deposit in the specific order during the event period

B. BZNT will be distributed to top 1~3 ranking on the deposit amount during the event period

Please note that more details on the airdrop events can be found here (Scroll down for the English translation):

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