Bezant Website Updated, Wallet and Scan Services Launched

Hello from Bezant Team,

We would like to share a few exciting announcements.

  1. Official launch of our Wallet and Scan service

With the release of our mainnet, Bezantium, we have now officially launched our Bezant Wallet and Scan today.

Through a series of tests on the testnet, we have enhanced the user experience for our end users and the stability of our platform. Based on this, we are equipped with a multi-faceted service line so that partners can use Bezantium, Wallet service, and Scan service to build robust dApps on our platform.

With the Bezant wallet, the users can add tokens that are issued on Bezantium and with an easy password, users don’t have to go through the cumbersome task of managing private keys and also transferring tokens. In addition to our One-Click token adding feature, wallet nickname assigning features, we also took a step further by providing a feature where prior to token transfer, the recipient’s wallet address will be checked its validity. This will greatly improve the overall user experience.

The link to our Wallet and Scan services are as follows.

Bezant Wallet

Bezant Scan

2. Website Renewal

The Bezant team have been working on building various industry partners in order to expand the blockchain ecosystem based on Bezantium.

As a way to reach this goal, we have revamped our website so that it reflects our vision of blockchain made simple. One of the ways we have done this is by having the onboarding process of partners made easier by having a Partner Onboarding form within the website.

Bezant Website

Furthermore, we plan to reinforce a better communication feature to cater to developers, who will be essential in building this ecosystem.

Thank you for your continued support, we will consistently let the community know of any updates from our end.


Bezant Team

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