Hello from Bezant Team!

The past couple of days was a blast as we had the opportunity to be a track sponsor in one of the biggest blockchain conferences in Europe where there were over 8000+ attendees from all around the globe. There were many fruitful discussions on the future and the application of blockchain across many industries.

The Bezant team worked at a booth (Booth 475), sharing people our vision and also serving free handmade coffee. We had tons of visitors at the booth and also had the unique pleasure of meeting our community members. Just as the photo below, one of our community members brought Bezant and Jehmi logo printed cakes.

A gift from one of our community members

During the two days, two of Bezant’s core members had the special opportunity to present and speak at the event on two occasions.

DAY 1 : Cryptofinance and ICO Strategies

Oh Thongsrinoon, CSO/CMO of Bezant, shared on what Bezant is, insight on the emerging markets, and lastly on the different successful points behind Bezant’s ICO.

DAY 2: Transforming Financial Services

Julian Migura, CBO of Bezant, had shared his insight on how blockchain chain could help and foster financial services as one of the panelists.

In sum, this was Bezant’s first official sponsorship at a huge event like the Blockchain Expo. We plan on doing more sponsorships in the future, to showcase our project to the world. We want to sincerely thank you for your support but especially the community members who made time to visit us personally.


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