BZNT to be listed on BIBOX

Hello from Bezant Team,

Bezant is pleased to announce our token’s first official listing on Bibox Exchange, a leading AI-enhanced global encrypted digital asset exchange.

Bibox Exchange will list the BZNT Token on Thursday, July 5, 2018. The listing comes after a six figure strategic investment by Bibox Exchange announced last week.

“Since Bezant raised US$27.88 million earlier in May, we are thrilled to announce another milestone — the listing of our BZNT Token on Bibox Exchange. Its platform is a top-tier global exchange ranked amongst the top ten in the world in terms of exchange volume, thus a great start for Bezant as our first official exchange, making our token globally accessible.” — Daesik Kim, Chief Cryptocurrency Officer of Bezant

“Our team is aligned with Bezant’s vision of pushing the boundaries of blockchain’s role into mainstream business operations. We look forward to bringing the Bezant BZNT Token to Bibox Exchange and drive forward the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry together.” — Jeffrey Lei, CEO of Bibox Exchange

The BZNT Token will begin trading on Bibox Exchange on Thursday, July 5, 2018.

Bibox will also hold an airdrop event until July 10, 2018 for eligible traders, who will be ranked according to net holdings with the top BZNT holders receiving up to 30,000 BZNT.

For more information on this exchange please visit their website