Community Airdrop (2nd Airdrop Event)

Aug 9, 2019 · 2 min read
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Hello from Bezant!

We are thrilled to share with you another Community Airdrop Event. The below are the details of this event.

1. Total Airdrop Reward : 1,000,000 BEP-2 BZNT-464 Token

2. Duration : August 12th (Monday) 18:00 [KST, UTC+9] — August 19th (Monday) 18:00 [KST, UTC+9]

3. Event Details

a. This event is to encourage community activity in Bezant’s Channels.

  • The event will be done on a “first-come first-serve” basis; all the reward distributions will be distributed at once.
  • Participants should participate through the mission below.
  • Participants can choose one or more of the three missions listed below

b. How to Participate (only the activities that are done within the event period will count)

Mission 1. Join the Official Bezant Telegram Channel : 200 BZNT(members who leave during the event will not be counted)

Bezant Official Telegram Chatroom

Mission 2. Follow Bezant Official Twitter account, and ‘retweet with comment’ the following three posts from the official Bezant Twitter Account : 300 BZNT

Bezant Official Twitter

Mission 3. Participate in a Bezant Trivia based on the medium posts : 500 BZNT (must solve ALL of the 5 questions correctly)

Bezant Official Medium

4. How to Register? (You must register to win airdrop rewards!)

a. Click on the “Community Airdrop” menu on Bezant’s website

b. Fill in the Google form

  • Mission

Join Telegram Mission : input telegram ID and date joined

Twitter Post Retweet Mission : Twitter ID, Links to the retweets

Bezant Trivia Mission : Fill in the answer to the questions.

  • Binance DEX wallet address

c. Submit the Google form

  • Leave blank on the missions that you haven’t participated.
  • Once you submit, you can input the information from the additional missions that you have participated in. (However, you cannot use the same Binance DEX wallet address that you have previously used)

5. Airdrop Date : August 23rd (Friday), 18:00 (KST, UTC+9)

6. Notice

  • The Airdrop event can be ended earlier than the prescribed date.
  • Airdrop Distribution time can be subject to delay based on the network congestion.
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