Hello from Bezant Team!

There are 5 announcements we would like to share with the community today:

We would like to make the formal announcement that Bezant will cancel Main Sale in accordance with our strategy. As always, our strategy take into account the interests of our backers (from Private Sales to Pre Sale rounds) and the company’s longterm health.

What happened to unsold token?
We will distribute unsold tokens, which amount to 123,718,523.82 BZNT, per below:

- Marketing 53,718,523.82 BZNT (5.3%)
1. Bounty Programs
2. Strategic Exchange Partners
3. ETC.

- Strategic Investments 20,000,000.00 BZNT (2%)
1. Partnerships that will add tangible value to our project long term.
2. These strategic investors are subject to lockup terms

- Reserved 50,000,000.00 BZNT (5%) [Will not be released in 2018]

You’ll start to notice more frequent communication from us than ever before.

Bezant will be speakers at Blockchain Expo 2018 in Amsterdam June 27–28, 2018. This will mark the first time we speak publicly as a company. Come and meet us if you’re also attending the show. Moreover, we will have a booth that serve free coffee for our Telegram members.

We will be setting up official announcement channel on Telegram in order to cut through noises and deliver to you important information in timely manner. We will update you more on this in the coming weeks.

Our team recently completed beta version of our JCP (Jehmi Content Platform). We are finalizing CBT (Closed Beta Test) with one of Southeast Asia’s leading online game publishers. We will share with you more details as things developed on this front.

We will continue to work hard to build real business that we know has the potential to disrupt our targeted industries. From day one, our creed has always been about building substance over hype. And we are here today because each of you also share this vision and value.

We will not waver in our mission because we know that we are only seeing the tip of Bezant’s true value.

Thank you once again for your trust and patience.


Bezant Team

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