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Bezoge Starts its Mission to Revive Earth

For a long time, the crypto ecosystem was ruled by Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, with the rise of altcoins, meme coins saw an increase in popularity. Their intrinsic humour and famous supporters guaranteed their success. As such, these tokens were not resistant to whale manipulation by the likes of Elon Musk, which triggered a further destabilization of value.

What is Bezoge?

As you may have figured out by now, Bezoge is a community currency named after Jeff Bezos, a valiant contender in the race to the moon. After someone who must not be named (Elon Musk) took Doge to the moon and sadly left him there, Bezoge was created as the last hope to bring him back among his fellow Woofers!

The future of the Bezoge, while undoubtedly eventful, is undecided. However, we can tell you briefly about the ongoing projects.

Bezoge Earth

Bezoge Earth is the umbrella ecosystem under which every future project will be developed and launched. Bezoge Ecosystem is powered by a BEZOGE token, giving the project a unique twist.

Bezoge Battle

Bezoge Battle is the first series of mini-games by Bezoge. It is an interactive game where Bezoge will battle against Dogelon (A Doge currency by Elon) in a race to the moon to save the stranded Dogecoin. The game is currently available for Android devices and will soon be available for iOS devices.

Bezoge Tracker

Bezoge Tracker is a tracking app for token holders and investors to monitor their portfolios in real-time.

Bezoge did not have a presale following the principle of a “fair” universal currency. However, it can be bought on Bezoge Exchange as well as Uniswap using MetaMask Wallet.

Bezoge NFT Collectibles

Bezoge offers tradable collectibles known as Bezogis. The first edition of Bezogis will feature 4096 characters with the same design but in unique colors. There are four varying elements in a Bezogi which can be colored in 8 colors; Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Black & Gold. The chance of getting a Bezogi with all the same colored elements is relatively low, which makes the collection even more exclusive.

Let’s dive into tokenomics

Bezoge is powered by the $BEZOGE token, but what makes Bezoge unique and truly a revolutionary moment in the crypto ecosystem, is its love for decentralization. So much so that we burnt 50% of the total supply of Bezoge forever to stop the whales of the industry from manipulating it. 44% of the remaining supply is put into liquidity which is locked forever.

3% of the supply is reserved for the development team for their efforts to bring our vision to life. Another 3% of the supply is allocated to Bezoge Treasury for influencers and marketers to let the world know about Bezoge.

However, we do not want a fixed supply, so we are introducing a 1% burn on every transaction. This will also increase the rarity and the price of $BEZOGE tokens on every transaction. Apart from that, we are also offering a 1% redistribution from each transaction to our active community.

  • $BEZOGE has burnt its 50% supply forever.
  • 44% of the total supply has been put into liquidy and locked infinitely.
  • 3% of the BEZOGE supply has been reserved for the development team.

Another 3% of the tokens are allocated to the Bezoge Treasury, which will be rewarded to marketers and influencers for their efforts in popularizing Bezoge.

To ensure there is no fixed supply, Bezoge will burn 1% on every transaction of the token to increase the rarity and the value of the token on every transaction.

As a reward for holding $BEZOGE, the token holders are awarded a 1% redistribution from their transactions.

Useful resources and links for Bezoge:

Official Website: www.bezoge.com

Buy $BEZOGE on Bezoge Exchange

Buy $BEZOGE on Uniswap

Telegram: https://t.me/Bezoge

Twitter: @Bezoge

YouTube: Bezoge Earth Official



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