A Fudzogi eagerly blows his Fud Horn, hoping to aggravate naive travellers while his mates wait in the shadows waiting to strike.

The Origins of the Orange Fudzogi

Jeff Bezoge
Aug 20 · 3 min read

The sketchy meddling tricksters of Bezogia

In a world where everything always goes up, up and up to the tops of Triple Top Mountain, the filthy fudsters cause chaos in the lands of Bezogia. Following on in our eight-part series about the different breeds of Bezogi we will tell the tale of the Fudzogi. The definitive colorways of the renowned Bezogi go far beyond just aesthetics, they have meaning, they have passion and they have soul. Each color represents one of eight unique attributes that coincide with the eight bloodlines of the Bezogi and represents their direct bloodline to the fabled legendary purebreds.

This is a tale of fraud, scamming and back-alley stabbing. The Orange Fudzogi, led by the infamous, fat and filthy Fud King, live and die for blocks. They stop at nothing to collect as many blocks as they can and their murky feudal governance system fully depends on which warlord has accumulated the most blocks, usually by any means necessary. The Orange Fudzogi thrive on cheats, lowballing and crude engineering, often scamming their victims out of everything they have or luring them into nasty traps crudely designed by their wicked spin doctors. They love a good bit of fud and use it to their advantage to crash the prices and then lock in massive profits. The Fudzogi thrive in the dip and roll in it proudly, hoovering up the heartbreaking losses of their enemies.

The dreaded pump and dump is one of their favorite strategies and it’s often raged out in the taverns by shell shocked travelers that heard a bit of fud, sold their stable investments and bought into their poisonous get rich quick schemes, only to be dumped off the top off the triple top to be left battered and broken in the depths of the dip. The sickeningly intelligent Fudzogi also love a good rug pull, and they’ve made millions in filthy deals, bringing in customers from all around Bezogia to large fuddy fundraisers, only to then pull the rug and vanish into the shadows never to be seen again. Little is known about what the Fudzogi actually do with all their blocks, it was once said that they just keep them piled up in endless vaults, HODLing them for the long game.

The dreaded Fudhorn blasts doubt, uncertainty and despair.

The Orange Fudzogi get absolutely smoking high off Fud, and their legendary weapon, the dreaded Fud Horn is used to flood the surrounding area with Fud. If you ever see a Fudzogi walking through the markets blowing a Fud Horn never get tempted to liquidate your portfolio or follow him into an alley, there will be many other little dregs waiting in the shadows to fill you with fud and take everything you own.

“The fud came like a flood and before anyone realized what was happening, the rug was pulled and the blocks were gone”

Bezoge Earth

Our last hope to rescue $DOGE from the moon…