Growing Indiscipline Among Students.

A burning issue in the society nowadays.

Indiscipline or lack of discipline among students is something that’s affecting the society. The use of abusive language , disrespect towards teachers, free fighting in educational institutions, insisting on copying in the examination, ragging, strikes by students, etc.can be commonly seem among students.The future seems dark.

Unfortunately, it is a pity that the students of today waste their precious time in acts of indiscipline. But we cannot blame the students alone for this growing indiscipline There are many other causes of indiscipline like the lack of attention from parents , pressure from friends or peer pressure, absence of value based education, lack of a good role model , our defective educational system- where too much stress is given only on the completion of the textbooks within allotted time. As teachers are under pressure of completion of the textbooks they just stop to give moral education to their students. As a result, character formation becomes secondary, last but not the least the excessive use of electronic gadgets like using mobile phones , laptops all day for just games or unnecessary work which is also medically unfit for the students.The worst aspect of this problem is that they are very often misled by political leaders who use them as their tools for creating disorder.Students should be kept away from the dirty life of cities.

Youth is the future of any country . Excess of everything is bad. Indiscipline can spoil a student’s future. Indiscipline among students may lead to lack of self-control, disrespect of authority figures, including parents, have no understanding of appropriate behaviour, students are selfish, unpleasant, and unhappy, and lack empathy, patience, and the ability to share and make friends. They are also more likely to harm themselves and others through negative behaviour.

Hence, the problem of indiscipline and unrest among students is a part of a much bigger problem viz. reconstruction of our country’s educational system. But what can be done? The system needs to be overhauled and made to suit the needs of the time and Indian conditions of life.Parental guidance and strictness, moral education, having a good role model and many more efforts can be done to control the situation. It is usually said: “spare the rod and spoil the child”.