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BHEX’s next listing will be Qtum, and there will be a co-campaign with Qtum that will deliver amazing rewards, so check it out!

To give you a brief understanding of Qtum, it is a decentralized platform and the most influential public blockchain project in the world. It is also based on the UTXO model used by Bitcoin and is the first public blockchain in the world to adopt the consensus mechanism of Proof of Stake (PoS).
This information can be easily accessed on the Qtum website and if you have any other burning questions about Qtum, please feel free to head to the Qtum website to know more.

Recently, Patrick Dai (Founder of Qtum) mentioned in a tweet mentioning that Qtum is working on implementing MimbleWimble on the Qtum platform. This will greatly enhance the privacy aspect of Qtum, and we will see how it pans out in the future, especially with popular privacy coins like BEAM, GRIN, and Monero already specializing in this aspect. The future will be exciting for Qtum!

BHEX x Qtum Co-Campaign!

Firstly, the goodies! We are excited to announce the BHEX x Qtum co-campaign which will offer 68% guaranteed annualized daily return with 15 days lockup period.
Below are the details of the campaign and guide on how to participate in the campaign.

Campaign duration: 12 pm, 28 June 2019 — 12 pm, 5 July 2019 (UTC+8, Singapore time)

Step 1: Deposit/Buy QTUM to/on BHEX
Step 2: Order the amount of QTUM you want to participate in the campaign page
Step 3: Chill and receive daily Qtum rewards in your account
Step 4: Participated assets will be auto-credited to your account after 15 days lockup

For example, you order 100 Qtum, with 68% ANNUALIZED RETURN
Daily reward: 0.1863 Qtum
Total reward: 0.1863 x 15 = 2.795 Qtum

Price Analysis of Qtum

-98.26% from the All-time high

In the first week of January 2018, Qtum reached its all-time high price of $83.49. Ever since then, it has fallen 98.26% to its all-time low of $1.45. Now there are 2 kinds of crypto investors: first is the type that is skeptical, and fears that a chart like this will go to $0. The next type would be all excited to buy this at a 98.26% discounted rate.
Now, I’m not saying that skepticism isn’t good. However, fundamentals do play a role when it comes to every project, and Qtum is one that you should not worry about because the project is fundamentally strong. Price is offering you a major discount, so take it!

Let's dive deeper into the charts.

Something I want to note is that while most other alt-coins are drifting lower as a result of the surge in Bitcoin, QTUM doesn’t seem to abide by those rules (Bullish). Instead, we see some nice impulsive move in QTUM to the upside. Granted, this is the QTUM/USDT chart which displays clearer price action than the QTUM/BTC charts.

There is an impulsive move that started from around $3.926 which then created a demand zone. A demand zone is an area where a large number of buyers reside, which created this impulse move upwards. More often than not, price tends to retrace to these demand zones which offer an area for us to buy at.
Therefore, one of the scenarios that I’m looking at can be seen by the blue arrows in the chart above. We have hit resistance at R1 and have been violently rejected. I anticipate a slow retrace downwards to the demand zone to buy at.
If price somehow breaks through R1, we can anticipate a resistance flip to support and that would offer another entry. This is only valid if price breaks above R1 as shown by the orange arrows.


Areas of interest

The red lines in the chart above signify important areas to me, and I have labeled them R2, R3 and so on. These are simply prior resistances that could make it difficult for price to move up on the first try. Naturally, these are also the targets that I have for QTUM in the short-medium term of this uptrend.

To summarize:
Areas of interest to buy — $3.574, $3.926
Stop-loss — $3.308
Targets — $7.392, $9.8, $12, $14.894

I must stress that you SHOULD NOT take my analysis as gospel, and invest accordingly with appropriate risk management. I am not responsible for any financial losses, and this price analysis is just my opinion only.


Written by: Meredith, Blue Helix Community Manager.

BlueHelix (BHEX)

BHEX is the leading DeFi Service & Tech Provider. We are dedicated to providing world-class professional financial trading and assets management services. BHEX has businesses of BHEX Exchange, BHEX Cloud, and BHEX Chain.

Blue Helix(BHEX)

Written by

Blue Helix is an innovative crypto assets financial services provider. We are focus on Bluehelix decentralized custody and clearing solution and BHEX Exchange

BlueHelix (BHEX)

BHEX is the leading DeFi Service & Tech Provider. We are dedicated to providing world-class professional financial trading and assets management services. BHEX has businesses of BHEX Exchange, BHEX Cloud, and BHEX Chain.

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