Blue Helix First Fellowship Meeting of Global Guild Master

On 5 March, Blue Helix launched Global Guild Master Program, calling the founding fellowship of Guild Masters. And with the overwhelmed responses from our communities, we upgraded our Guild Master Program to spice it up! Up to $1500 worth of monthly bonus for each enlisted Guild Master.

Towards the end of the recruitment, we have received 30+ applications world wide and we shortlisted 12 Guild Masters from HongKong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, Vietnam (alphabetical order)

On 20th March, BHEX team Elsa and Ethan has conducted an in-depth sharing with Guild Masters and built the consensus about Blue Helix Group, Bluehelix decentralized custody and clearing solution and BHEX Exchange. Here is the recap of whole sharing session.

Sharing Outline:

What is Blue Helix?

Why Blue Helix?

What is Bluehelix Chain?

What is future direction and plan of Q1/Q2

Coin listing criteria

How Guild Master grow with Blue Helix?

Thank you note from Elsa: thanks for joining Blue Helix Global Guild Master Program. We have received 30+ applications from the globe for batch 1 recruitment. And after a selection and discussion internally. We have selected 12 of you. Some of you are our old friends, some of you self-applied, and some of you are we come to you. Welcome to Blue Helix Guild Master family :) All of you are local KOLs and influencers and most of you managing local communities and social medias too. I’m so proud to having you here.

Quick Recap about what Blue Helix Group has gone through in the year of 2018:

In March 2018, Blue Helix team was formed and the project started.

In April 2018, angel round financing started.

In May 2018, BHEX completed the system architecture and product design.

In June 2018, BHEX completed the development of the core functions of the custody wallet.

In July 2018, BHEX completed the angel round financing and received $15 million for its excellent technology and team strength. The platform token BHT issuance is completed.

In August 2018, BHEX completed the token round financing.

In November 2018, BHEX Beta test version is launched.

In December 2018, BHEX trading platform is officially launched and BHT started trading. Open platform BHOP were officially launched and open for cooperation.

1. Investment:

Elsa: for investment wise, we are the first platform both invested by Huobi Group and OK Group which are the two of the top exchanges in APAC or even global.and for our 1st token fund investment demand exceeded 4 time of our circulation! But we chose some credible institutional or individual investors. So there are total 56 investors of BHEX/BHT.

2. Founder & CEO James Ju:

Elsa: for our team wise, I would like to introduce James, who is our CEO and Founder. a lot early stage players knows him coz he was the CTO of Huobi Global since 2014–2017. He is very low profile and very focus tech guy and resulting that our whole team are tech focus hahaha. We do not spend much time on PR/Marketing in a view that infrastructure is far more important. So our seed users and early investors are with us closely.

3. Why Blue Helix Founded?

Elsa: the reason why James started Blue Helix is to solve the pain point of current market using blockchain technology. The trust issues are very generic topic but Blue Helix is only focus one part — infrastructure. Not long time ago, there are many exchanges been hacked, non-transparency or token investment (worst was in 2018 when ICO flashes). A lot investors got cheated by the project and just anyhow transfer the ‘investment funds’ to the liars. And recently, so many old money, traditional financial institutions join crypto industry. what’s the most important issues they facing? i have to say is transparency and assets safety. if your assets are easily be hacked, you have no idea of what are your funds are doing. will you feel comfortable and trustworthy? The answer is NO. so what we are focused is the infrastructure. so let big whales in traditional financial industry join blockchain and join crypto. So hope you guys understand the reason why James founded Blue Helix and what our missions are :)

Ethan: old money needs to come in to start the next bull. but for institution investors, they can not agree on the idea of one single person holding the private key/cold wallet, which contains millions $ worth of assets. the risk management team will stop the deal at the very beginning of the process.

4. What does Blue Helix do and what is our business?

Elsa:Blue Helix is our company, and we have our self-managed Blue Helix Exchange(, Bluehelix technology which is focused on decentralized custody and clearing solution, and BHOP which provide SAAS service

5. About Blueheilx Chain:

Elsa: a brief intro about bluehelix chain, everyone can take a quick look, decentralized custody and clearing solution. nowadays, some of crypto assets start to use third-party custodian/clearing service (and mainly use the traditional financial custodian institutions), which is a very good sign that people realized that this industry is lack of trust and lack of transparency. But our custodian solution is purely based on blockchain technology

Ethan:as long as you want to gain people’s trust and get regulated — which allows old money to come in; such system will be essential.

Elsa: in our solution, all reputable institutions are welcome to apply to be our super nodes. not only crypto industries are welcome. our Super Nodes will be decentralized enough. come across global and different industries. btw, our bluehelix technology is patented in some countries already.

6. About Blue Helix Exchange (

Elsa: BHEX Exchange is you guys are familiar with. BHEX exchange is live since 3 December last year and we gained a group of pretty solid seed users. We have experienced the platform launch, BHT launch (the only platform token), Super Guild Onboarding, 100,000 BHT mini block rewards. and followed by listing Mimblewimble based tokens of Beam and Grin, was the first exchange fully support beam/grin wallets, mining pool deposit and ‘visible transfer service; organised online AMA with famous mining pools, Grin core founding team, Beam CEO Alex and so on. we are the first exchange to conduct user education about mimblewimble protocol and Grin/Beam in-depth sharing. We do not just any how listing coins but no users know the technology behind. as i shared, we are tech driven team, we see the potential of mimblewimble technology and bring mining pools /mining softwares closer to the traders which normal second market traders have never experienced before.I will post some links for your quick review of AMAs conduct with Grin Core Developers, Mining Pools and Beam CEO.

Ethan: We want to focus on what brings real value to the industry — on chain custody for transparency store of asset, coins that come with solid technical background/wide consensus

First AMA — GRIN Core Development Team sharing


Second AMA: GRIN&BEAM Mining Sharing


Third AMA: BEAM CEO Alex sharing. For the sharing with Beam CEO Alex, BHEX Global Communities conducted in 5 different languages in 5 BHEX local community.

English Link:

Vietnamese Link:

Japanese Link:

Korean Link:


Elsa:From what I’ve shared so far you can see that Blue Helix is quite focus in user education, technology/infrastructure building, consensus and doing some cool stuff to solve some pain points in blockchain industry. we are not one time company/exchange. and not only an exchange. Our core community needs to have consensus with this, so we can grow with Blue Helix together.

Ethan:again like I said many many times, CONSENSUS is the key for success in blockchain

7. About BHOP Saas Platform:

Ethan: BHOP is our SaaS platform. we are packaging our established exchange solution and together with our Bluehelix chain, and use it as a Blue Helix Open Platform (BHOP), basically similar to white-label/cloud exchange but come with more flexibility and solid technical support.

Elsa: BHOP is flexible in UI Design, coin-listing and so on. In not many years later, majority exchanges will become brokers, such idea was shared in 2018 by James.

8. Blue Helix’s future direction and plan of Q1/Q2:

BHEX/Bluehelix 2019

In March 2019, BHEX launched its first derivative product — Option.

In April 2019, BHEX will launch bonus product.

In May 2019, BHEX will beta test futures product.

In June 2019, Bluehelix public chain test net will be launched, so is the futures product.

9. About BHEX Trading Markets:

Elsa: spot market trading will never fulfil the requirement from traditional financial markets, let’s say old money. coz in the bearish market, we need tools to short/long the market. now BTC price is about $4000, traditional finance traders will never pay such amount to do tradings. where the options trading coming. options trading you will never be liquidated. and the leverage can be very high. this is another topic of financial derivatives, so i will just touch and go. For bonus products, you will get the same coin you put in the bonus account, and you can deposit/ withdraw anytime, the bonus is daily computed and no lock-up. it’s one of the options in bear market and for Hodlers, for asset management institutions. we will have daily/short term/long term products to fulfil the needs of different group of investors. Details will be releasing soon.

10. Coin Listing criteria:

Elsa: all guild masters are welcome to recommend new projects to us, we are looking for projects with real use case/tech driven/active communities/reputable founders and team. there is no fix rules for coin listing . and the process is long. we don’t anyhow list coins for a hype. We are looking for sustainable ones, to grow with platform.

Elsa: we will have a very focus group of guild masters. tangible rewards, intangible rewards will all come along the way. We will post out our first mission later today to seek your feedback :)