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Photo/ Nationwide Children’s Hospital

A New Responsibility for Children’s Hospitals: The Health of Neighborhoods

Rehab underway on this property in Cincinnati’s Avondale neighborhood. Photo/ Child HeLP

The hospital is investing $11 million over five years in community development in Avondale, $10 million of which is aimed at improving housing conditions

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Community Day. Columbus, Ohio. Photo/ Nationwide Children’s Hospital

“The beauty of this work is that we’re trying to co-create solutions with the very people we’re trying to help.”

Columbus, Ohio in 2013. Photo/ Howard Jefferson.

“We’re in the highest-risk neighborhood with some of the highest rates of violence, ER visits, asthma. We have to fix it, and it’s not going to be fixed only inside the hospital.”

Photo/ Nationwide Children’s Hospital

“Preliminary evidence is that people love the neighborhood, and more kids are seeing their doctors.”



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