If you have big ambitions and high aspirations for your future career, then you should at least know about LinkedIn. Even though it’s a social media platform like no other, people are not aware of its impact so they aren’t using it the best way possible. So, here’s how you become a winner on LinkedIn. I assure you, if you follow these steps, success in your career will knock on the front door of your email inbox.

LinkedIn Profiles Are The New CV.

If you haven’t noticed, people’s LinkedIn profiles have started to become their CV. In fact, when applying to roles in the tech firm SalesForce you have the choice between submitting your CV or LinkedIn profile — which goes to show how much they value it. Accordingly, you should value it too by making sure that all the necessary experience for a role you’re applying for is there. One advantage of LinkedIn is that you can add and describe many more experiences such as events, challenges and certificates that help your case when applying to a role, unlike a CV where you have to keep it short or it will appear long.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out To Anyone…Really.

Unlike other social media platforms such as Twitter where it is seen as out of the ordinary to message someone you don’t know out of anywhere; the LinkedIn culture is much much different. It’s a community of supportive individuals who want the best for each other, so if you notice someone who works in the industry you particularly want to get into, drop them a message and ask about it. Now, repeat this process 100 more times and I guarantee that amazing things will happen for you as conversations start to flow.

“It’s a community of supportive individuals who want the best for each other”

Treat Your LinkedIn The Way Models Treat Their Instagram.

These days, it isn’t really acceptable to just fill out your Name, Education and Experience. Your LinkedIn profile is now where your future employer may come to find out more about you — why not treat it with the utmost respect? Keep it looking clean and tidy with capital letters where needed but most importantly post some content. Articles you’ve read and enjoyed, quotes you live your life by, stories of your work/school life ups and downs and/or pictures of you dressed in smart casual — your employer wants to know more about you all the time. At the same time, don’t post for the sake of it! Make sure your content is genuine to you and is worthwhile to read.

Interact With The Community.

When you’re on Instagram you may not feel the need to comment on the posts of people you don’t know, except for maybe an emoji. However, on LinkedIn, commenting as much as possible on every post you see that interests you will go a long way. You will get a response almost every time and it may spark many interesting conversations — so make sure you add your two cents as much as possible.

In conclusion, LinkedIn is the perfect tool to further your career. We live in a world where it may matter less about what you know, but you could be especially helped by who you know. This is particularly important in careers related to Law, Finance, Politics, Business and everything in the private sector. You having a degree isn’t good enough anymore, you’ll need connections in the industry you want to work in to reach new heights in your career — so, use LinkedIn to the best of your ability.




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