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Lethal Generosity

Contextual Technology and the Competitive Edge

I was happy to receive an early review copy of “Lethal Generosity” few days back and even more kicked when i finished reading it.
Lethal Generosity is the sequel to Age of Context, a book Shel Israel wrote with Robert Scoble in 2013.

Lethal Generosity wonderfully explains how being generous with customers–and sometimes even competitors–is the winning strategy today.
Customers are gaining control over brands as the interplay of technology and social change is causing companies to lose control over it. Business that adapt to this power shift are going to beat their competition hands down. Lethal Generosity dwells on this power shift.

Customers today are fierce brand advocates, who use social networks to persuade others to try products and services, and reduce marketing costs. This minimizes your competitors’ opportunity to even be considered by your customers.

Lethal Generosity warns how traditional marketing, even in digital form, often damages the brand trust it attempts to establish. Today trust itself is less relevant than it once was, and customer experience has become most important. So it is time brand strategists stop telling people what they should want, and let people tell brands what they want. The new way works better, cuts cost for brands, and reduces intrusion and noise for customers and prospects.

Lethal Generosity is crammed with useful nonfiction anecdotes about companies using contextual technologies in ways that acquire customers and keep them so loyal that their competitors don’t have a chance to hijack them.

Peer influence over brands is no longer a disruptive force: It is a marketplace fact. This does not mean that outbound brand efforts have been rendered impotent; it does, however, argue the case that the balance of power has shifted to the customer and smart business thinkers will need to adjust to this inevitable trend.

Lethal Generosity is not just about technology; it is about how that technology intertwines with the other forces in play.

So stop worrying of being contextually tracked and order a copy now at

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