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Did you know of #Bhubaneswar earlier?

This is how the busiest city centre of #Bhubaneswar looks in Google Maps.

It is the No1 Smart City in India (a status it won in a recent Smart City Competition organized by Government of India).

It is intended to start with Bhubaneswar Smart District

Bhubaneswar has employed an extensive citizen engagement process to guide its journey for transformation to a smarter city. Building upon the input received from the citizens, the overall approach focuses on promoting Smart Growth supported by sound economic development principles; while at the same time, directing investment in initiatives that promote sustainability, inclusiveness and livability by leveraging technology as an enabler.

Based on the citizen feedback received during Round 1 of the engagement initiative, Mobility and Waste Management as Pan-City Smart solutions and Town Centre as Smart District were selected to create an implementable Strategic Plan.

Furthermore, building upon the 24 Smart City Features identified by the Government of India’s Smart Cities Mission, Bhubaneswar shaped its approach around the following 7 ‘Smart City Pillars’ to align the citizen’s aspirations and needs with city systems.

#Governance- Citizen Participation, Intelligent Government Services

#City Planning and Design-Mixed Land Use, Compact Cities

#Urban Utilities-

  • Water: Water Supply, Water Management
  • SWM: Waste Management
  • Sanitation: Sanitation, Waste water management
  • Energy : Energy Supply, Energy Source, Energy Efficiency, Underground Electric wires
  • ICT: IT Connectivity

#Urban Mobility- Street Design, Public Transport

#Shelter- Inclusive Housing

#Economic Development-Economy and Employment

#Social Development- Identity and Culture, Education, Health, Open Spaces, Safety and Security, Air quality

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