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Competitive Intelligence Quotient (cIQ)

“Good intelligence comes with a feeling of certainty.” — Anonymous

What does this mean?

What is cIQ?

Three Audience Categories for Distributing Competitive Intelligence

  • Tactical — Sales reps and teams that require your help winning deals today.
  • Operational — Product marketing team that must adapt and strategize towards winning contracts in 3–6 months.
  • Strategic — The executive and communications team needs valuable market intelligence to assist in strategic decision-making.

cIQ elements

  • Marketplace Intelligence
  • Customer intelligence
  • Product and services intelligence
  • Marketing Intelligence

Why is cIQ important in companies?

Information sources for online

  • Company websites for information on track audiences or changes in strategy, product prices, product benefits, etc.
  • Company press releases on new products, staff, or expansion news.
  • Social media posts, especially if the corporate begins sharing information about a product or service that has yet to be introduced.
  • Go through selling a product or service to understand better how a sales team works.
  • Online job postings, because the types and number of open positions could indicate efforts to recruit staff for developing a new product or category.
  • Social media user groups, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, and even a business review site like Glassdoor,
  • Use an analytics or SEO tool to understand your competition’s marketing strategy.

How to do competitive intelligence?

  1. Identify your direct competitors.
  2. Set key goals and metrics for every stakeholder.
  3. Gather data.
  4. Analyze data.
  5. Share ideas with key stakeholders.

Competitive Intelligence Software


“All competition takes place in the future” — J.k Lindsey



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