How Insights-first Transforms Your Business

Mario Octavio Jiménez
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2 min readMar 15, 2022


Insights can help businesses overcome many of the challenges they face. By understanding what the data is telling you, you can make better decisions about growing your company and improving your bottom line. This blog post will discuss how the insights-first approach can help you transform your business.

Photo by Stephen Phillips — on Unsplash

Imagine running a dairy production company. To find the right outcome, let’s start by exploring the broader business challenges in this scenario and then focus on one that will lead to transformative outcomes.

By focusing on the user, you might ask: “How could we give them a better service?” “Could we reduce churn by anticipating their needs?”

There are always some unknowns in any business, but sometimes the things you don’t know can have more of an impact on your users or customers.

The right insights-first app can take data from various sources and give you a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening in your business. For example, suppose you pull a weather dataset from the area and visualize a trend in a combined visualization with production over the last few years. In that case, you start getting an insight into how much milk cows produce each day based on given conditions.

Similarly, you could gain more insights from geolocation tags, stress, and production levels. The insights-first approach tells you what is going on and the trends and helps you interact and drill in to understand the why.

By understanding your data, you can make better decisions that will improve your company’s outcomes.

The insights-first approach helps you understand what is going on in your business and why. It also allows you to make better decisions to improve your company’s outcomes.

The insights-first framework focuses on five key aspects:

- Defining your desired outcome

- Creating insights through visualizations

- Getting insights from the data through interactions

- Being able to investigate

- Acting on the insights

You can identify what questions need answering and what data will help you find those by taking these steps. Once you know where the uncertainties are in your business, you can start to take steps to mitigate their effects. What are some things you need to know about your users or customers? How will you go about getting the insights you need? Let me know in the comments below!