Tutorial: Configure a Power BI Dashboard or Report without any slicers or filters

Ishan Rastogi
Dec 8, 2019 · 3 min read

In this tutorial, we will walk through the steps to set up a Power BI dashboard or report without any filters or slicers for bursting and distribution on BI Helper. We will use the Retail Sales Dashboard below as an example.

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Retail Sales Dashboard
  1. BI Helper follows a three-stage process to configure Power BI reports and dashboards for bursting and distribution. These stages are — Schedule, PDF, and Email. The detailed steps are as follows:
  2. Log in to BI Helper https://app.bihelper.tech and create a new job in the User Jobs tab by clicking on the large ‘+’ icon.
  3. Click on the Edit icon (orange pen) below the new job, to go to the Schedule tab. Enter the job name, frequency and start date and time.
  4. Select Save & Next to go to the PDF tab. Click on ‘Sign in with Microsoft’, and enter your Microsoft credentials to log in to Power BI Service.
  5. This will cause BI Helper to fetch the Power BI workspaces and reports/dashboards to which you have access. Select the report or dashboard you wish to distribute.
  6. Now set the ‘Filter Input Mode’ to Manual and select a reporting period from the dropdown.

BI Helper does not support slicers and filters in the Dashboard mode. To apply slicers and filters, please use a Power BI Report and refer to the detailed instructions here.

7. To distribute the dashboard or report as is, leave the Slicer Name and Slicer Value columns blank.

8. Enter the email IDs of the desired report recipients in the To Email, CC Email, and BCC Email columns. If there are multiple email IDs in any column, please separate them using a semicolon (;).

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9. Save the PDF tab and move to the Email tab. In the ‘From email’ box, enter the email ID from which your reports are to be sent. BI Helper will send you an authorization request to use this as your sender email ID, which you will need to accept.

10. Create the email subject and body text for the mail to your report recipients, to which the PDF reports will be attached. BI Helper supports full HTML email with images, logos, multiple fonts, and colors.

11. Save the Email tab to return to the User Jobs page. Click on the Run Now button (Play icon) to execute your job!


BI Helper Tutorial: Configure a Power BI Dashboard or Report without any slicers or filters

BI Helper Tutorial: Configure a Power BI Report with slicers and filters

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BI Helper

Automated report distribution.

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