Self reflection: Questions

It has become a habit for me to go back to my list of questions and reflect upon how the answers might have changed along the way and/or how I’ve changed in this process.

I think about these questions during my meditations and also when I find a time with myself. These are very precious moments to me as they help discover who I am and what my true purpose is.

1. What is most important to me?

2. If I had a few more minutes to live, what specifically would I regret most?

3. What is that one particular thing that I cannot live without, and why?

4. How do I know that what I do day by day is important to me?

5. How much time of a day am I doing what is important to me?

6. What are three things in my life that I am truly grateful for?

Going deep into this type of meditation makes me realise how grateful I am to be part of the Universe and how much power I have been given to be able to push my own limits and grow by sharing love and thus reach fulfilment.

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