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Giving girls the edge!

Founded at London Tech Week (TLA) in 2020, BIBA inspires and equips girls with the skills and experience they need in order to meet the growing demand for jobs in the technology sector and bridge the gap for Women in STEM.

BIBA began as an idea nearly four years ago (2017), when four schoolgirls (Grace (10), Mary (X), Dinali (12), and Demi (14)) with a passion for technology met their mentor and founder, Siddhi Trivedi (Find out more about the team in our next post). With a wealth of experience, Siddhi nurtured and encouraged the girls to explore their interests, facilitating their development of key technological skills such coding and X. Armed with new expertise, the girls used their skills to help address problems which they had experienced in the community.

Shortly thereafter, they identified a gap to help children to read, leading to the development of an app called LexisLearn, which later became a quarter finalist at Technovation.

Next, the team built MoodSmart, an app to help tackle mental health issues which, due to COVID-19, has become increasingly prevalent in today’s world. Again, the team saw recognition of their achievements, this time from Cambridge Wireless, who commended the app in the ‘Tech for Good’ category.

It was in 2020 though, when the team decided on their ultimate goal — to help other girls fulfil their dreams in coding and all things tech! As a team made-up of diverse backgrounds and ages, they knew first-hand the difficulties in finding live projects to work on, necessitating the need for something to open doors and new opportunities for girls — BIBA.

The first breakthrough for BIBA arrived in September 2020 at LTW, when the team met Nikita, whose expertise in coding has spearheaded the development of BIBA. Thanks to LTW, BIBA evolved from an idea into a reality. In Autumn, BIBA moved forward again, with inspirational leaders such as Amber and Nimish joining the fold, giving the team much needed support and belief. Then in January, Jamie became the latest addition to the team, whose drive and energy provided a boost to take the project to the next level.

Now BIBA is ready to move to the next level; we are looking for organizations and partners to provide real projects to work on. Our network of schools and colleges are eager to begin to finally get girls into coding!

Get in touch with us today to learn how you can get involved.



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