BiblePay Q1 2020 Updates — Dual Mining RandomX

BiblePay (BBP) - Togo
Mar 18 · 3 min read

Mandatory Upgrade v1.5.0.7

Download Wallet:

NOTE: Upgrade goes live at Block #184675, approximately 3/24/2020

After March 24th, we will offer dual-hash mining with rewards in both BBP + XMR. This is slightly different than merged mining, in that BBP’s blocks are now solved with an equation that prevents pre-image attacks.

In theory, miners will receive approximately 190% more revenue for mining (more specifically, 90% in XMR rewards, and 100% of your hashpower in BBP rewards), while still contributing 10% to orphan charity.

Each RandomX hash has a full 100% chance of solving a BBP block (or a pool share), while each RandomX hash still has an equal chance of solving an XMR share.

RandomX Dual Mining Guide:

Dynamic Whale Staking

Potentially gain 20%+ interest on your coins by burning them for one year!


New Accountability Website Coming

“We have received over 2,742 pages of inbound letters, written by our sponsored children”

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BiblePay (BBP) - Togo

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BiblePay News

BiblePay (BBP) is "A cryptocurrency with compassion and a conscience". Sponsoring children in need around the world!

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