BiblePay Q2 (April, May, June) 2020 Updates

BiblePay (BBP) - Togo
May 31 · 5 min read
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Mandatory Upgrade v1.5.1.4

Download Wallet:

NOTE: Upgrade goes live at Block #199000, approximately 6/02/2020

New Block Reward Breakdown:

Rebranding? — Vote on Future Name for BiblePay!

“First I would like to say that switching our currency name from BiblePay is in the spirit of growing the community and not blocking potential users who might view us as overly religious. We are not doing this in any way because we are ashamed of the gospel; but instead to appeal to a broader cross section of the world first.” -Rob Andrews

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“We are the only coin with Monero-RandomX in the Bitcoin branch.” -Rob

RandomX Faucet Giveaway for new miners!

Mining Calculator

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Second Pool —
- Discord
- Telegram

First Monthly RandomX Charity Liquidation Report

“We have successfully found a way to eliminate 100% of the drawdown on the BBP currency ticker (remember, in the past, with our huge orphan charity expenses, each time we liquidated for compassion, we sent our price spiraling down by 70% as we raised money for orphan charity); those days appear to be over!

Moving entirely to the new model (XMR charity liquidations) there will be no drawdown on the BBP price! (Except for the effect of normal mining liquidations). But even that aspect has a very positive change. With our XMR-BBP partnership, it can be viewed that the lions share of the miner’s electricity bills are already paid (via the personal mining XMR reimbursement). Meaning that this ecosystem allows us an unlimited growth potential without drawing down our price for mining rewards.” -Rob

Second Month Report

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Chainlocks Re-enabled!

“We are one of few coins with: CHAINLOCKS in Production.
(A feature BITCOIN does not have!) -Rob

What are Chainlocks?

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SouthXChange Lowers Confirmation Requirement!

Due to our stability with Chainlocks, SouthXchange has lowered confirmation requirements to 9!

Also, they are working on integrating InstantSend for an even faster confirm.

EDIT: You can send up to 500,000 BBP via InstantSend in one confirm! -Rob

What is InstantSend?

Buy and Sell BBP!

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Order Pizza from Dominos with BiblePay!

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Plan to Decentralize BiblePay

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PolisPay Mastercard?

“I was recently contacted by the CEO of PolisPay, Enrique, for a potential partnership. I’m working with him on potentially adding BiblePay to his list of acceptable coins to make transactions on their next MasterCard.” -Rob

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New Charity Relationship — SAI.NGO

We have come to an agreement to sponsor orphans at a rate of $20.00 per month, who are orphans from the streets in Venezuela who lost both parents.

The orphanage they stay at is primarily receiving more donations for animals and veterinarians than humans at this time. The caretakers they have are sometimes only veterinarians, who are already receiving wages from SAI to care for animals. In this agreement, they take in the orphan and our sponsorship allows SAI to buy local food (locally sourced flour, sugar, etc at local rates) and bring it in. They are both government audited and guidestar certified.

We have received the first 10 orphan bios: (filter by SAI.NGO):

Additionally we received help on this endeavor from Costa82, who actually lives in Venezuela and is going to do additional due diligence -Rob

Sponsor an Orphan!

Guidestar Rating

Integrity & Case Studies

Forum Thread

WhiteWalrus Articles

“BiblePay: A Cryptocurrency for Christian Charity and Activism”

BiblePay News

BiblePay is a Charity Christian Cryptocurrency, Sponsoring children in need around the world!

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